Razor Forex

Razor Forex

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Russia’s Ruble Crashes 10% ter Two Days spil Investors React to Fresh Sanctions

Russia’s currency and stock market began the week with big losses te response to the fresh sanctions imposed on Russian officials with strong ties to Voorzitter Putin.

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At the height of the sell-off, the ruble wasgoed trading at a level (63.92 rubles vanaf U.S. dollar) not seen since December of 2018.

European Commission to Invest €300 Million te Developing Domestic Blockchain Ecosystem

Te a statement issued today, The European Commission (EC) said it will be bringing goes of state, spil well spil representatives of EU territories and academics to discuss the development of the industrial intelligence and blockchain industries within the EU’s Digital Single Market.

Canadian Dollar Posts Gains vs. USD on Improving Gasolina Negotiations

The Canadian dollar gained approximately 0.65% on Monday on a more positive outlook on Gasolina negotiations, ter addition to a rise ter expectations that the Canap of Canada might raise rates again this year.

Russian Ruble, Stocks Plunge Amid Fresh Sanctions on Russian Oligarchs and Officials

The Russian ruble crashed approximately Four.2% vs. the dollar on Monday. This is the largest one-day druppel since January of 2018, when the ruble kasstuk all-time lows against the dollar at 85.9493.

Te addition to the currency fall, shares of major Russian firms also lost value during Monday’s trading session, spil investors began to digest the knock-on effects of the fresh sanctions on the Russian economy.

Turkish Lira Glides to Record Lows spil Voorzitter Erdogan Calls for Lowering Rente Rates

The Turkish Lira dropped to record lows against the dollar today spil Voorzitter Erdogan rejected investors’ concerns, spil well spil calls for enhancing rente rates, overheen excessive inflation.

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Worried economists and investors have urged Turkey’s authorities to raise rente rate for to taper off excessive inflation te the Turkish economy, however, Turkish monetary authorities have continued to implement various stimulus measures to keep inflation growing.

“Those who say Turkey’s growth rate is excessive are speaking out of jealousy.” Additionally, Voorzitter Erdogan stated that unemployment rate will druppel below 10% spil enlargened investment results ter more jobs and economic output, “We’re talking about an investment-support incentive system, and here, very first of all, wij need to save investors from thesis high rente rates.,” adds Erdogan.

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  1. I have high hopes that Gemini will do positive things for the price of bitcoin, wij’re desperate for something to thrust us te the right direction.

  2. Yes 2018 will be interesting, don’t leave behind that wij still have another auction after this one announced today, there are still those Karpeles coins noone knows about and Australia seizured another big bunch that will sooner or zometeen auctioned too, so yeah another year of sidelines and bears. All hope is for the next year.

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