Postbode Mortem: Gemini Exchange Downtime on November 29, 2017

Post Mortem: Gemini Exchange Downtime on November 29, 2018

Spil many are aware, Bitcoin attained fresh peaks of value on November 28th and into November 29th. On the morning of November 29th, our Web interface experienced an unprecedented increase ter traffic which impacted the spectacle and availability of our Web interface and to a lesser extent our API servers. At no time wasgoed this increase te traffic an attack on any of our systems and our customers funds remain secure. This wasgoed solely a result of an unprecedented surge of requests on our podium.

Across the events that lasted from Ten:11AM EST through 07:11PM EST, wij made repeated attempts to tune the system to treat the enormously high traffic on the Web server. Most of thesis attempts were met with fresh, higher spikes te activity. The API remained unimpacted during the majority of the time that our Web interface wasgoed experiencing the excessive traffic, and our FIX and matching engines continued to fully operate across.

The environment stabilized at 7:11PM EST and, after monitoring the mitigation for a period of time, wij communicated to our customers at 8:45PM EST on our status pagina that both our Web and API interfaces were ter total functioning order.

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Spil many of you may know, te August wij migrated our primary trading verhoging and network Speelpop (Point of Presence) to our own hardware te the Equinix NY5 gegevens center te Secaucus, Fresh Elástica. The downtime on November 29th wasgoed due to an application tuning punt, and our servers te the gegevens center had slew of slagroom to scale. Still, ter prep for events such spil the one above, wij have forecasted and ready for enhancing capacity and were already installing our fresh hardware when this occurred. Wij project to bring this fresh capacity online ter the near future to proceed scaling our infrastructure to better service our customers and community. The security and availability of our Web, API, and FIX interfaces is our very first concern and wij strive to have them available for all our customers at all times.

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  1. I do wonder why people get jumpy at the idea of “Wall Street” getting into Bitcoin. Wall Street is a collection of investors, investment related businesses, hedge funds, trading desks, etc. They generally will not be worried with manipulating the market, rather they will want customers to invest ter their crypto portfolios and services. It’s a win for Bitcoin. The trading will be left to large pocketed individuals and groups, and very likely many of the whales you see today will still be active. The best traders now will be the professional market makers of the future.

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