Gemini vs Coinbase – 7 Exchange Comparisons (2018 Updated)

Gemini vs Coinbase - 7 Exchange Comparisons (2018 Updated)

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Coinbase and Gemini are two of the top cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchanges te the world spil of now. Coinbase and Gemini help the cryptocurrency users and investors ter the exchange of various cryptocurrencies namely Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. Gemini, spil well spil Coinbase, provide a number of cryptocurrency related services and facilities ter a similar way with some differences.

Coinbase and Gemini provide exchange services for converting Bitcoins for USD and other Altcoins like Ethereum, and Litecoin. Both Coinbase and Gemini have some advantage and disadvantages or pros and cons spil compared to each other. The comparative details of Coinbase and Gemini, with their characteristics, are provided below along with a critical analysis for the benefit of the cryptocurrency users spil under:


Coinbase is the largest Bitcoin exchange across the globe. Coinbase wasgoed founded by Fred Ehsram and Brian Armstrong ter 2012. It is headquartered te San Francisco, California. It is backed by fine investors, with funding of overheen $100 million. Coinbase is one of the safest cryptocurrency and Bitcoin exchange ter the world. It has a very high reputation among all the cryptocurrency investors.

It offers services ter 32 countries including US, Canada, UK, Singapore, and a number of European countries. Coinbase has more than Ten million customers with more than $20 billion te digital currencies exchanged. It has daily Bitcoin volume of $40,000,000 approximately. It exchanges Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies like Ethereum and Litecoin for the users.

Coinbase has wallet facilities and also a mobile app. It has a elementary user interface. Coinbase offers a number of payment methods to the cryptocurrency users like bankgebouw transfer, debit card, credit card, etc. Coinbase has a high limit for the users, particularly the verified users, spil high spil $50000. Coinbase is also known to track the spending of Bitcoins by users. Coinbase is said to be fairly stringent ter compliance matters and has shut down the customer accounts due to compliance issues and even minor misdemeanor.


Gemini is a leading cryptocurrency exchange. Gemini is the very first U.S. exchange licensed for Bitcoin and Ether trading. It wasgoed founded te 2018 and located ter Fresh York, USA. It is regulated spil a trust company by the Fresh York State Department of Financial Services (NYSDFS). USD deposits of Gemini are held at FDIC-insured banks. Gemini stores majority of digital assets te an offline cold storage system. Gemini has a maker-taker toverfee schedule, which offers various toverfee discounts and rebates for the market participants having high-volume of transactions.

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Gemini supports cryptocurrency users and investors te the United States and some other countries. Gemini offers you rapid services to exchange fiat currency to cryptocurrency and vice versa.

It is recommended by the cryptocurrency users and investors for a number of reasons. It provides rapid services to convert Bitcoin to specie and metselspecie to Bitcoins. On most of the cryptocurrency or Bitcoin exchanges, you have to wait for a number of days to get your funds reflected ter your account to purchase Bitcoins, but ter case of Gemini, the funds are reflected quick te your account, particularly if you have transferred funds through ACH ter the US. You can lock the price by buying Bitcoins even before your funds are reflected ter your account thanks to the services of Gemini.

Gemini serve spil a next-generation digital asset toneel to buy, sell, and store Bitcoin and Ethereum. It has very good trading facilities, high level of security, and also regulatory oversight. Gemini meets certain relevant caudal reserve requirements and banking compliance standards. It offers quick execution, high transaction boundaries, high level of liquidity, etc.

Coinbase vs. Gemini: A Comparison

Coinbase and Gemini both are leading cryptocurrency exchanges suggesting various similar facilities for you to trade cryptocurrencies.

They have a streamlined process, quick speed, and reasonable anonymity ter exchanging the cryptocurrencies. But, they also have significant differences. The same are discussed below:

Cryptocurrency Exchange Verhoging:

Gemini is a decent cryptocurrency exchange, and operates just like a Forex exchange. You can trade cryptocurrencies and fiat currency with other users on the exchange toneel of Gemini. But, Coinbase operates more like a retail store for cryptocurrency. If you buy or sell cryptocurrency, you do a transaction directly with Coinbase. Coinbase sets the price and your order is executed at that price instantly, just opposite to a zindelijk exchange where you place an order and wait for it to get fulfilled.

User Interface (UI) and Ease of Transaction:

Gemini has good user interface and ease of transaction, but Coinbase has better user interface and ease of transacting te comparative terms and also has a mobile app.

Speed of Service and Execution:

Gemini has good speed of service and better uptime without getting overcharged, but Coinbase has better speed of service but uptime does not surpass Gemini.

Payment Methods:

Gemini offers you the option to deposit funds te your account by bankgebouw transfer or Bitcoins, whereas Coinbase offers more options like canap transfers, cryptocurrencies, debit cards, credit cards, etc. Coinbase is integrated into the US banking system well.

Availability of Cryptocurrencies:

Gemini offers only Bitcoin or Ethereum, while Coinbase offers Bitcoin, Litecoin or Ethereum.

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Gemini has lower exchange fees, spil low spil 0.25% of transaction value, while Coinbase exchange fees are comparatively higher.


Gemini has well defined transaction thresholds, while Coinbase transaction thresholds are customized and higher for some old and frequent mighty users.

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Gemini has lower levels of liquidity, while Coinbase has higher levels of liquidity.

Scale of Operations and User Colchoneta:

Gemini has much less number of users, but Coinbase has more than Ten million users with more than $20 billion ter digital currencies exchanged. Coinbase has daily Bitcoin volume of approximately $40,000,000.


Gemini loves trust among the cryptocurrency users, whereas Coinbase likes much higher trust among the cryptocurrency users.


Gemini is a well known brand, but Coinbase is a top-notch brand and very famous brand with coverage ter various reputed newspapers and magazines like The Fresh York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Time, etc.

Individual Information:

Gemini needs private information and verification, and so does Coinbase.


Gemini has better security features and reglamentario sanctity spil compared to Coinbase.

Customer Support:

Gemini offers customer support facilities to the cryptocurrency investors and users, whereas the customer support of Coinbase is not better than Gemini.


Considering the above details, you can choose among Coinbase and Gemini depending on your private requirements. Choose Gemini to save fees and more justo compliance, but choose Coinbase if you want integral market, protection of a big brand, rapid speed, and selling or buying Litecoin.

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