Gemini – Bitcoin Exchange Review

Gemini - Bitcoin Exchange Review

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Gemini Bitcoin Exchange

Currencies Provided





  • Compliant
  • 2-Step Verification
  • Custom-made Activity Feed
  • API Keys
  • Plain Canap Account Integration
  • Only Bitcoin
  • Community
  • 0.25% toverfee

The Winklevoss twins are most famous for Mark Zuckerberg stealing their idea ter collegium to create Facebook. I have worked ter the fintech industry and I have a loterijlot of respect for the twins given their latest venture, Gemini.

Spil you know I am a Bitcoin fan. Being a fan for mij goes deeper than just knowing what Bitcoin is and how it works. I buy and sell bitcoin, often on exchanges.

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The most latest addition to the Bitcoin exchange ecosystem is Gemini and it’s beautiful.

I signed up for an account and it wasgoed smoother than most other exchanges EVEN with 10x more verification being required.

Thesis were the steps after verifying my email address.

Step 1 – Verify your identity. If you choose “I’ll do this zometeen,” you actually can.

Step Two – Verbinding banking information

Step Trio – Brings your to the instrumentenbord prompting you to verify your identity via your profile information.

The buying Bitcoin instrumentenbord gegevens is very well laid out and effortless to analyze.

The sell Bitcoin instrumentenbord is identical which is elementary and straightforward.

Ter summary, Gemini is beautiful and I very recommend signing up for an account.

The objective is to not necessarily help investors understand what Bitcoin is but to get them commenced through simpleness. It is very apparent that through the Winklevoss’ simplistic vormgeving anyone who has traded stocks before could hop on and get the drape of it quickly.

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Well done guys and welcome to the industry.

2 thoughts on “Gemini – Bitcoin Exchange Review”

  1. ItBit did their thing, they were a company nobody everzwijn heard of and they slipped ter out of nowhere to become the very first licensed BTC exchange ter NY, too bad nobody uses them.

  2. The exchange sideshow is on schedule, when can wij expect the main attraction to come? ETF is what everyone is longing for! Yet wij still have no updates for more than 6 months. It’s mid August now, I think it won’t be traded te 2018, have to wait until Q2 2018 the earliest, round about time of the next halving. I hope the synergy of thesis Two events could take bitcoin to fresh highs.

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