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Facebook - s Blockchain Team May Be Developing Its Own Cryptocurrency - Variety

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Facebook is looking into developing its own cryptocurrency similar to Bitcoin, according to a fresh Cheddar report. The company’s blockchain team, which is being led by former Paypal executive David Marcus, may use the currency to power payments for Facebook’s 2-plus billion members.

Asked about the report, Facebook told Multiplicity that it had a petite team working on “exploring ways to leverage the power of blockchain technology,” adding that the team spil exploring many different applications. “We don’t have anything further to share,” a spokesperson said.

Facebook’s work on blockchain very first became public earlier this week amid reports of a massive internal reorganization. Marcus had previously led the company’s Messenger product, but shifted to lead its fresh blockchain team. He is being joined on that team by Instagram&rsquo,s VP of product Kevin Weil, who came to Facebook from Twitter a little overheen two years ago and wasgoed instrumental to the development of Instagram Stories.

Before joining Facebook ter 2014, Marcus had worked for six years te the digital payments space, including four years at Paypal. During that time, he also became interested ter Bitcoin, and at one point even considered leaving his job spil Paypal’s voorzitter to found his own Bitcoin startup.

Cheddar cautioned Friday that it could take years for Facebook to actually launch a digital currency. The company is not interested te doing an initial coin suggesting (ICO), according to the report. ICOs have become a popular way for blockchain startups to raise funding directly from individual investors, but thesis sales have also come under scrutiny from regulators.

Facebook could conceivably also use blockchain tech for a number of other applications that don’t include digital payments. Startups and big media companies alike have bot exploring ways to use the technology for a broad diversity of use cases ranging from the secure exchange of advertising gegevens to distributed VR movie rendering.

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  2. It’s finta disappointing indeed, I wasgoed hoping it’d be trading now which would have given us a bit of a boost ter the price.

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