Contributions to the top 25 cryptocurrencies te 2017

Contributions to the top 25 cryptocurrencies in 2018

Spil the end of 2018 has passed, let us look back at the work done on the top 25 cryptocurrencies reference implementations ter 2018. Most people are looking at market cap to get a good idea to see how well a cryptocurrency is doing. Another good thing to look at is the number of commits to the project, spil this shows developer activity and that the cryptocurrency is being improved, which could theoretically lead to further development and market gains.


Commits te 2018: 1925

Commits last month: 90

Top contributor last month: Matt Corallo


Commits te 2018: 271

Commits last month: 37

Top contributor last month: Brad Pursue


Commits ter 2018: 833

Commits last month: 67

Top contributor last month: Peter Szilagyi

Bitcoin Specie

Commits ter 2018: 1101

Commits last month: 120

Top contributor last month: deadalnix


Commits te 2018: 1299

Commits last month: 0

Commits te 2018: 1167

Commits last month: 43

Top contributor last month: Alon Elmaliah

Commits te 2018: 49

Commits last month: Four

Commits ter 2018: 385

Commits last month: 371

Stellar Lumens

Commits te 2018: 444

Commits last month: 98

Top contributor last month: Rafal Malinowski


Commits ter 2018: 1199

Commits last month: 129

Top contributor last month: moneromooo-monero

Commits ter 2018: 99

Commits last month: 27

Commits ter 2018: 1450

Commits last month: 200

Top contributor last month: Kevin Heifner

Commits te 2018: 1233

Commits last month: 137

Ethereum Classic

Commits te 2018: 952

Commits last month: 157

Top contributor last month: ia

Commits ter 2018: 2179

Commits last month: 303

Top contributor last month: Oliver Beddows


Commits te 2018: 62

Commits last month: 7


Commits te 2018: 289

Commits last month: 21

Top contributor last month: zhuliting


Commits te 2018: 503

Commits last month: 39

Top contributor last month: str4d


Commits te 2018: 1057

Commits last month: 90

Top contributor last month: Aprogiena


Commits te 2018: Ten

Commits last month: 0

Picture from bytecoin wiki


Commits te 2018: 8

Commits last month: 8

Top contributor last month: Ross Nicoll

Pic from dogecoin github


Commits ter 2018: 1493

Commits last month: 121


Commits te 2018: 452

Commits last month: 147

Top contributor last month: Michael Vandeberg


Commits te 2018: 3549

Commits last month: 197

Top contributor last month: Stephen Sprinkle

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  1. 1. CFTC officially proclaims bitcoin a commodity. Useful for the ETF because a duo times the Winklevoss’ said the SEC is debating how to classify it. And they are following the structure of the gold etf (which is a commodity spil well)

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