Blockchain Technologies, Blockgemini

Blockchain Technologies, Blockgemini

Cross-border payments

This solution enables banks to kwestie checks that are unlikely to forge or manipulate. The verhoging integrates with existing banking systems to create an extra security layer, enabling banks and their customers to execute checking transactions on a trusted online portal or mobile application. The application provides a seamless, albeit welcome addition to an already sturdy financial muziekinstrument.

Vrachtvervoer & warehousing

Supply chains can be rigid, while blockchains are dynamic and lightly adaptative. It is now possible to interlace the two to utilize blockchains immutable and accessible validation points, all via a shipment’s lifespan. Rightfully so, this will eliminate any and all tampering so wij can start to connect the dots from big gegevens te a way wij have never done before to set a fresh industry standard.

Identity management

Through this solution, customers can verify their identity while remaining anonymous using their unique identification key, thus eliminating the need to carry around sensitive documents every time registering KYC details is needed or required. Customers will also have the option to update their KYC details, which will be initiated by their unique identification key along side with 2FA for added security.

Consumer product tracking

With our blockchain based solution, consumers can now transparently track where their product or produce comes from, with further ter depth information. Block Gemini will help to lightly understand every step of the supply chain’s process to give total transparency to the operation process. Zindelijk budgeting of expenses will no longer be an kwestie, spil you will be able to view where every dollar is spent.

Cheque Issuance

This solution enables banks to punt checks that are unlikely to forge or manipulate. The toneelpodium integrates with existing banking systems to create an extra security layer, enabling banks and their customers to execute checking transactions on a trusted online portal or mobile application. The application provides a seamless, albeit welcome addition to an already sturdy financial muziekinstrument.

Cryptocurrency exchange toneelpodium

An online exchange house that would facilitate the purchase/sale of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The process will include an online application where customers can login and perform exchanges inbetween any fiat currency and cryptocurrencies. The exchange will be a contraption for purchases / sales and deposit functionality, with the main feature being cold storage for long-term investments.

Cryptocurrency wallet application

Cryptocurrency Wallets are secure digital wallets used to store, send and receive digital currencies. The wallet stores your private key which can then lock or unlock any transactional record stored on the blockchain. Block Gemini’s cryptocurrency wallets are designed to extend a high level of security, assuring that the most updated security protocols and enhancements are available and being used.

Insurance tracking and settlement

This solution helps minimize or eliminate lĂ­cito disputes spil all gegevens and transactions will be logged on the company insurance blockchain ter existente time and available to all relevant parties. Gegevens stored on blockchain is immutable and lightly auditable. Insurance policies and settlements can be treated on a single blockchain based-platform, while insurance policies will be programmed into clever contracts.

Peer-to-peer crowdfunding

Block Gemini has developed a crowdfunding podium that enables lenders and borrowers to come together on a decentralized blockchain based network that is trustworthy, semi-transparent, and fair to both borrowers and lenders. By cutting the middleman, lenders can earn higher comebacks compared to savings and investment products suggested by banks, while borrowers can borrow money at lower rente rates.

Copyright Management Toneel

The lightly accessible nature of content te today’s world permits for effortless manipulation or piracy. The integration of blockchain creates a fresh level of monetization for content creators through the podium that wij have developed. Users have the capability to earn verifiable accreditation for the content they have created. The verhoging can be customized spil required to create a unique user practice.

Decentralized Social Media Network

An Ethereum based podium that builds the groundwork for a censorship-resistant network. Social Media is widely used spil a means for sourcing entertainment, news & community interactions. Our verhoging gives a fresh practice that provides stability & security benefits, designed with community building ter mind. Give Incentives to participate by rewarding content creation across the network.

Asset Backed Tokens

This solution uses blockchain technology to punt tokens. The value of each token will be tied to the value of the company’s asset, providing investors a reliable investment te a volatile market. All transactions are managed by wise contracts and available for all to verify on a distributed ledger. Investors can also make trades instantly, securely, anonymously and without any intermediaries involved.

Decentralized Voting System

Businesses, institutions and even governments can now make decisions with their peers worldwide te verdadero time. By employing blockchain`s see-through and secure features, along with the accountability of wise contracts, individuals can choose to vote anonymously without the invasion of other parties on the network. Additionally, the podium permits access to statistics and details of previous voting sessions.

Document sharing toneelpodium

This solution provides a document sharing toneel that facilitates the exchange and processing of confidential documents. The process will include an online portal/mobile application where users can login and securely upload sensitive documents to be collective with their clients. Users now have finish authority overheen the collective database and can even process documents anonymously and loosely.

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27 – 28 June 2018

Blockchain Expo Europe 2018

Spil Europe’s largest established business Blockchain event, the Blockchain Expo will bring together 8000+ dedicated blockchain industry attendees across key industries for two days. Expect world-class content from leading brands embracing and developing cutting edge blockchain technologies.


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Kickstart your ICO through our efficient, quick and sturdy ICO launch program.

Blockchain technology has enabled a fresh wave of crowdfunding that has overtaken venture haber funding te the past year. ICO’s are quickly becoming the quintessential way for Blockchain based companies to raise funds for their projects, while creating a store of value ter the process. Block Gemini provides end-to-end services from conceptualization to promotion of your ICO. Our very experienced and professional team can develop tailor made solutions that ensure a successful, effective and secure crowdsale.

Custom-built solutions based on cutting-edge technologies to get your business blockchain ready.

Blockchain solutions based on Hyperledger and Ethereum have tremendous potential to reshape numerous industries and help set a fresh industry standard te each respective market. Block Gemini’s experienced team is permanently innovating by using the most advanced technologies ter the market, Let us do the same for your company or enterprise. Simply take us through your business processes and permit us to devise the volmaakt solution and implementation strategies based on your unique requirements. Expect your company to be blockchain ready ter no time spil wij pride ourselves on quick, efficient and quality work.

Now you are able to execute business contracts fairly and efficiently through brainy software protocols.

Automation is becoming more critical spil an essential component for today’s business process to cut costs, save time, reduce manpower and execute every process ter a secured way. Brainy contracts have the capacity to address this niche. Block Gemini’s team brings extensive expertise te building brainy contracts te Ethereum, Hyperledger and Chaincode to optimize processes and eliminate unnecessary intermediaries. Additionally, our team can help audit clever contracts to ensure the security and efficiency of your code.

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