3 thoughts on “Winklevoss Twins Bitcoin Fortune Calculated”

  1. i hope this fresh exchange will not just bring a momentary bubble that then will fall again to the current price, or wij are doing nothing

  2. 1 hour, Four hour, and 6 hour EMAs all crossed down. Daily MACD down. Daily PSAR down. Trendline cracked.

  3. This is what I see happening. With GBTC coming to closer to parity with NAV just spil you said and with the upcoming decision from the Winklevoss ETF (COIN) and the SolidX Bitcoin Trust ETF (XBTC). Let’s say they say yes, then you should see an influx of Bitcoin being purchased which should drive up the price of Bitcoin, which would ter theory then drive up the price of GBTC. If they come back and say no, then te theory GBTC would merienda again go up ter price and be further from NAV spil there would not be a COIN or XBTC ETF available to participate ter. Either way, unless BTC falls dramatically for some reason GBTC should only go up from here with both good or bad news from the upcoming SEC announcements.

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