Same kwestie here.

Same issue here.

15 Aug How to deposit SGD to Gemini

Latest from Gemini staff (Jan 12):

Disclaimer: This is the latest informatie from Gemini (Click picture to enhance!). For those of you who are using this, would appreciate if you can confirm whether it works te the comments below, thanks!

While CoinHako and Coinbase are convenient and effortless to use, people are looking for a cheaper alternative to buy Bitcoin/ETH with SGD. This is a guide for people who are looking to buy Bitcoin at a lower price.

Gemini is an exchange embarked by the Winklevoss twins. Account opening and verification takes around Two days if you send ter decent documentation.

Adding bankgebouw account to Gemini

The very first step is to add a bankgebouw account to Gemini. Personally I used the USD(Handelsbank Transfer).

You will then receive an email with the instructions on how to transfer to their Gemini account.

Transferring SGD to Gemini

The best way to transfer to Gemini is to use DBS Remit, $0 fees and same day transfer (Disclaimer: I am not an employee of DBS).

Recipient name: “Gemini Trust Company LLC”

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Fresh York, NY 10016

United States Of America”

Recipient canap: Choose “Other banks te United States”, and the Swift Code is “PCBBUS66”

Recipient account number: 1000808012

Please recall to include the unique letters assigned to your account under “memo” or “instructions”. For timeline, I deposited SGD before 2pm, and I got the money ter my Gemini account at around 11.30pm.

If you are looking for a prompt way to buy Bitcoin/ETH with SGD, you can refer to my previous article here.

*Disclaimer: Please verify all the fields te the TT before making the transfer. Wij will not take responsibilities if the information for Gemini switched.

Comparision of Coinhako vs Gemini

Coinhako – 0.9% trading fees (use code “COINGECKO to reduce it to 0.7%) + FX

Gemini – 0% remittance fees + DBS FX + 0.25% trading fees

*Wij are the Singapore distributor for Ledger Nano S and Trezor, please check out our product listing at Wij also suggest crypto crash course for anyone who wants to get up to speed with crypto.

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Could you provide some final clarification about a working method through DBS REMIT? The method you describe is outright said to be wrong te the screenshot you provide, thus confusing… and there are various different success and failure stories littering the comments.


Hi Mike, the steps listed by mij works – I just attempted it few days back.

The screenshot is by a Gemini staff, who wasgoed bothered by the number of people complaining (but very likely they entered the details wrongly)

Just For Your Information I also found this:

So caused further confusion for mij. Te the end, handelsbank transfer works (spil vanaf your instruction) or do wij need to set spil wire transfer?

Spil of now I am also testing, waiting to see results of the DBS remit.. Hope this helps clarify for others and save from unnecessary delays/fees.

Just sharing my practice, it might be helpful to someone ter similar position.

For those who had made a transfer with the incorrect transfer details (te my case, I used the old SSI where Pacific Coast wasgoed the bene handelsbank), you can actually go down to any DBS canap to amend your remittance details before the bene bankgebouw has returned the funds. There is a SGD$30 charge on the DBS end and a USD $25 by the bankgebouw that had received your funds. This make sense for those who are remitting a considerable amount and would be kasstuk by hefty FX losses shall funds the funds end up being returned.


I transferred using ‘clearing code’ katern packed with 121042484 (Pacific Coast ABA). On the message katern, I wrote: “Credit to Silvergate Bankgebouw (ABA 322286803, account no 1000808012). Memo XXXX”

It seems like the handler on Pacific Bankgebouw is still human (to understand and read the message). so my money transferred at 5AM Singapore time, went te to Gemini by Ten PM.

After reading this, I’d very likely waterput Silvergate ABA for the clearing code.


Use wire transfer.

Gemini Trust Company LLC

Account number: 1000808012

600 Third Avenue, 2nd Fl

Fresh York, NY 10016

United States Of America

Recipient canap: Choose Other banks te United States

Receiving Bankgebouw : Silvergate Bankgebouw

Swift Code : SIVGUS21XXX

Leave wit for clearing code.

Attempt 1 or Two puny amount very first like $Ten.

So far if send before 5pm deposit cleared overnight by 2-3am.


okay… sent out payment using the llamativo instructions (without a clearing code) last Eighteen January 2018 and the funds got returned on 24 January 2018. Attempting my luck now with clearing code 322286803. crossing fingers it won’t bounce back because damn, the handelsbank is making a killing with thesis fees.

Yong SH

i have applied to Gemini abr a week ago. it seems like it is taking forever to verify my identity. May I know how long does it take for you guys?

i wrote an email to them today. but i can sense that the reply wont be quick either. what can i do?

spil a result, i cannot do the canap transfer, when i clicked it, it says something like “pending identity verification”.


Update. I sent a wire transfer using ABA/ Clearing code:322286803 about 0:30 hrs on 25 Jan. Funds just came ter (Jan 26 0:20 hrs)


Followed the flamante instructions ie., used the routing code 322286803 deposit wasgoed cleared overnight. Going to attempt another amount for the next two days to see if it is consistent.

can anyone confirm the aba / clearing code is 322286803?

i just used your innovador method and it went thru without a hitch.

ter fact the transfer wasgoed done at 8pm SG and it went thru the next day at 8am. So it processes quiebro quickly at night spil well.


The picture you provided shows wrong information, think the CSO might have made a mistake… i used the 3xx clearing code and it went through… your innovador write up has all the keurig details… i just transferred on sunday with the details u talent and it still went through… anyone can confirm too?


hi i use the other clearing code it went through, seems like it is a kasstuk and miss?


@’worried’, do u mind telling which “other clearing code” you used?

And if its a DBS remit, would it be the “BANK transfer” or “WIRE transfer” tabulator?

SOMEONE please help ??


Would like to check what is the “unique letters assigned to your account” to be included under memo?


Hi, so anyone can give us a update on what are the juist ABA numbers etc?

I did all the same steps that i used to do, to transfer money to gemini. But it FAILED.

After many weeks, I ultimately recieved my money back ter my DBS account.

but it got deducted almost 500 dollars, anybody know why or encounter the same punt?


use the other clearing code it went through for mij


I had sent a transfer ter November with ABA 121042484 and it went through overnight with no issues.

I sent another one on 8th Jan spil it wasgoed already registered ter my DBS bankgebouw account spil a payee and all i did wasgoed to add the “memo”. This time it did not go through.

Meantime my friend has sent another one but he used ABA 322286803 and he got it overnight.

Now my funds are stuck. Got confirmation sms from DBS bankgebouw that funds transfer is successful but not demonstrating up on Gemini yet. Went to the específico branch and they said that it is out of Singapore. Need to send a tracer request or cancellation request or wait for funds to come back automatically and she said charges depends on juut banks.

The instructions te the Gemini webpagina for deposit USD wire transfer is not the same spil the one sent to your email. Very confusing indeed…

Cannot edit the payee details ter DBS. vereiste delete payee and create from scrape.

i did the same ter the past. when originally created and transferred, there wasgoed no punt.

however, when i attempted to repeat it with the existing account, it couldnt go thru.

i realised that by deleting the existing account and recreating the receiving account did the trick.

no issues so far. just delete n recreate.


Update: I had to spend 35 SGD to send a tracer and amend the wire transfer to reflect Silvergate handelsbank clearing code and then it wasgoed ter my account a duo of days zometeen.

I just did a transfer recently and so I deleted the favourite payee ter DBS and created a fresh one with the following details and it worked like a charm. Funds were te my account by midnight.


Handelsbank: SILVERGATE Handelsbank

BRANCH: left wit

Recipient’s account number: 1000808012

Clearing code: 322286803

Payment details: INTERMEDIARY Canap SWIFT: PCBBUS66

keyed ter the ref given by Gemini.


@’worried’, do u mind telling which “other clearing code” you used?

And if its a DBS remit, would it be the “BANK transfer” or “WIRE transfer” tabulator?


I got my wire transfer stuck spil I transferred more than the initiated amount. Now deposits still pending. Not sure how to overeenkomst with this… Breathe


Funds bot missing since dec 23rd. Today’s the 31st. Read about the ABA routing no to use now is 3xxxx. So why do they still provide the ABA no 1xxx ter its instructions for wiring? It’s too confusing! I can’t recall which I use now (and if that’s the problem) but funds not back te DBS. And Gemini support hasn’t replied! Any advice?


I used the 3xxxx clearing code it got bounced back Trio out of Five times only Two went through…

Andrew Lee

I just got my ID verified and I need to set up the canap account for transfer. Can someone clarify what do I need to come in ter the following fields (the very first screen of account set up):

1. Customer Name on Handelsbank Account

Two. Checking / Savings

Three. Handelsbank Account Number or IBAN

Five. Deposit Amount

Are the above fields pertaining to my SG account (aka source account)?

Why is there a need for the Deposit Amount?


I made a similar DBS Remit wire of $2000 to Pacific Coast with Silvergate’s account number – 1000808012. However, I accidentally left out the ABA/Clearing code spil the field said ‘optional.’

Do you have an idea of what happens to the funds then? My current options are to head down to the bankgebouw to place a tracer/amendment but I wasgoed wondering if the funds will get returned to my account eventually because the information wasgoed incomplete.

my last hope

Hey, so did Pacific Coast terugwedstrijd you the funds? If it does, could you please tell mij how?

yeap it does just wait mine took from 23dec till 8jan a long wait

Hi, does anyone have the same problem spil I am facing? I did exactly spil the instructions directed overheen here but didnt waterput the aba number spil it wasgoed optional. Havent got my funds deposited even tho’ it has bot Two days. This is truly frustrating.

Poor soul doing your rejected funds

Guys please zekering using Pacific coast’s aba number when you do the remit thru ibanking. Til now there are slew of rejections because of this ABA number.

Because of this kwestie wij are flooded with rejections. Inevitably will take longer to terugwedstrijd the funds back to your account.

If you are transferring large sums from your SGD account and think that the funds are rejected, suggest you open a multi currency account and go to the branch to submit a cancellation request to credit returned funds ter USD to that multi currency account. Or not you’ll suffer the fx loss


I sent USD$20,000 yesterday (20 hours ago) and it wasn’t received. Given that no information has switched at all (account number, clearing code, etc), I have no idea what happened.

I’m going to the handelsbank today to waterput a trace on it.

21 Dec 2018, 08:31am


I did a transfer on 14 Dec and funds did not go through spil usual. So got a bit worried and emailed Gemini’s support but did not get any replies. So I messaged them on Twitter and got a response quiebro rapid. Support wasn’t that good and wasgoed intending to go to DBS to waterput a trace but lo and behold, my funds were returned to my account this morning. Five working days after I made the transfer.

Hope this helps whoever is having issues with the funds transfer!

See you on the moon!

What’s the chances a trace is useful?

My deposit has bot done for a week and it’s still not te yet.

Ive done previous transactions to Gemini and this is the very first time I’m having issues.

Contacted Gemini and they insisted that the funds did not reach them, so I have to voeling my handelsbank.

It means that if my banks cant find anything from the trace, my money is just gone this way??


any luck with your transaction?

Did you manage to trace the $?

Have you gotten your funds to your DBS account. I used the wrong clear code 1xxx on 26th Dec, still waiting for my funds to come back.


Voeling dbs and ask them to voeling pacific coast handelsbank. I received my money back ter Trio days doing this

Thanks Jintu, will druppel by the branch ter the moring to do an amendment SGD30, to send the onberispelijk clearing code, hopefully the funds is still at PCB and they can send it overheen to Silvergate (Gemini).

Hi KK did you manage to get your money back through Jintu’s method

I have gotten back my funds less SG$1000+ because I transferred US50k. ):


Best of luck to those who are receiving their funds after the failed wire transfers. Handelsbank will charge you their non-refundable remittance and FX rates for converting USD back to SGD. Undoubtedly won’t be a pleasant glance to see if you have transferred a large sum of money to Gemini.

Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency ter Singapore (Bitcoin) – Mathew Lwee

[…] Gemini – is a US based exchange opened by the Winklevoss twins whom are also the very first Crypto Billionaires te the world. They operate similarly to CoinHako except for that you have to do a Handelsbank Transfer from POSB or OCBC Remittance and go through USD conversion. For a step by step guide, please look on Pennywise […]

John Doen

Seems like many of you are confused with which ABA routing number to use and how the entire thing works.

Ter a nutshell, there are FIVE PARTIES ter this fund transfer and they are you, DBS, Pacific Coast Bankers Bankgebouw, Silvergate Canap and Gemini.

When you want to transfer your fund from DBS to Gemini, you need to send to Pacific Coast Bankers Handelsbank which is the MIDDLEMAN.

PCBBUS66 is the SWIFT code for Pacific Coast Bankers Canap (aka the middleman). You can google the SWIFT code and it points to Pacific Coast Bankers Handelsbank.

Now this middleman needs to transfer the fund which they have received from DBS to Silvergate Canap. Ter order to do this, Pacific Coast Bankers Handelsbank needs to know the ABA routing number of Silvergate Bankgebouw and this is where you need to waterput te Silvergate Handelsbank’s ABA routing number 322286803 during your fund transfer ter DBS.

Merienda Silvergate Bankgebouw has received the fund sent by Pacific Coast Bankers Handelsbank (aka the middleman), they will debit it into Gemini’s account 1000808012.

Hope this will clear up some confusion here.


Why does the ABA routing number (121042484) for Pacific Coast Bankers Bankgebouw work previously, but not now?

Hi Admin, I attempted last week but the funds were rejected by the receiving canap (previously I could). Has there bot any switches to the address or other details , etc? graciously advise, thank you.


Hi, the clearing code has bot updated.

Clearing code: Pacific Coast ABA Routing Number 322286803


what is the difference of “ABA routing number” of Intermediary and Receiving handelsbank?

Pacific Coast Bankers Canap

Walnut Creek, CA 94596

ABA routing number: 121042484

ATTN: Treasury Department

ABA routing number: 322286803

Do not use the ABA routing number: 121042484. I attempted that and the money wasgoed not transferred to my Gemini account. It wasgoed returned back


How many days did it take for you to get the money back??


@Trav can you share how wasgoed your money returned back to you. I have same problem. I wired transferred and DBS says it wasgoed successful but it is still pending ter Gemini for days. Thanks.


I’ve transferred SGD 1,357.30 to Gemini but have yet to receive the amount te my Gemini Account. DBS had already confirmed that payment had bot made. Have attempted to voeling Gemini team but no response so far.


I am te the same situation spil you . How many days has it bot.Pacific Coast Bankers ABA routing number i received ter the email is 121042484 which seems to be different from the one here. Could it have anything to do with that ?


same to mij, i transferred using DBS yesterday (dec.11) Ten:58 AM. until now there’s no fund transferred. last week the transferring wasgoed ok, but now I dont know. have you emailed the gemini support? thanks


I suspect it is due to the switch of ABA routing number, I am using 121042484 spil well did not receive the fund since 7th Dec 2018. If the remit fail, I wonder do wij get notification for that and does pacific bankgebouw automatically reroute the fund back to us.

Anyone here please update if the fund have reroute back to sg account.


I sent on 7 Dec using the ABA 121042484. It got reverted to the DBS account on 12 Dec night. The reverted amount wasgoed less SGD7.


Update, it seems the aba routing number 121042484 is wrong. My fund has bot remit back to my canap acc. Same spil you slightly lesser than what i remitted wasgoed terugwedstrijd, most likely is the banking fees.

Anyone can confirm the fresh banking details?

Previously i am using pacific coast banker’s canap swift number and aba routing 121042484, so now if i were to remit to gemini i should use aba routing 322286803 but still the same swift number?

I sent on 8 Dec using the ABA 121042484, toevluchthaven’t gotten back my money. Contacted both Gemini & Pacific Coast Bankers Bankgebouw. No reply so far, any zuigeling souls can share if they will refund our money back?


I have same problem. How can wij retrieve the money? I can see from Gemini webstek the transaction and it is still Pending. Can wij click the “cancel” under Activity?


The clearing code that you waterput te this article is Silverbank’s ABA routing number and not what you stated spil Pacific Canap’s

Pacific Coast ABA Routing Number 322286803


Yes it seems that 322286803 is silvergate banks’ routing number instead . Which do wij use ?


Hi, please use silvergate’s ABA. Pacific coast doesn’t accept those that use ABA 1xxxx anymore .

Source: I work te the handelsbank


To add ter, Gemini’s account is with silvergate. Pacific coast is just silvergate’s intermediary canap


The problem is they havent notified anything. It wasnt even rejected from Pacific Coast. Will it still be routed back to us?

Felix low

Wow. Same kwestie here. I have overheen 30k usd that has bot missing since Five dec…..

And gemini support is so bad.

Anyone got their money back?


I believe they just rerouted back my deposit this morning. Had initiated another transfer using the onberispelijk routing number now, awaiting for it to go into my gemini account.


Vince – any luck using the fresh routing number (322286803)?

Felix low

Have since sent two deposits using the aba number commencing with Three. Transferred by 5pm and deposits appeared within account by 1am. It works.

Leonard Lim

I deposited to Gemini on 7 Dec 2018 morning using 1xxxx routing number. Fund not showcasing up on Gemini. Fund not returned to DBS. Whereabout of fund unknown. DBS says no returned funds. Gemini did not reply to my repeated emails.

Anyone faces the same thing?

Shit, I used the Pacific Coast’s ABA. I toevluchthaven’t gotten back my money.

@Leonard Lim, I just got back my money, took them Trio days (11 Dec to 14 Dec) to come back the money.

Leonard Lim

@Trav, good for you. Can just resend using the 3xxx ABA.

It’s bot 7 days for mij since 7 Dec and I still don’t know where the hell is my $$.

So which shift code should I give now?

Please could you clarify the steps.

Recipient name: Gemini Trust Company LLC

Address: 600 Third Avenue, 2nd Fl

Fresh York, NY 10016

United States Of America

Recipient handelsbank: Choose Other banks te United States, and the Swift Code is PCBBUS66

==&gt, Should wij need to give Silver Gate Swift code now instead of PCBBU66? Or Dont need Swift code?

Recipient account number: 1000808012

Clearing code: 322286803

This above two remains same right?


Could you please advise if there is a chance to get the money back??


After waiting for few days, I got my money back. I wired transferred using the ABA 121042484 on Dec 14. I became jumpy when I read this thread regarding the update of clearing code. Attempted to email Gemini many times but no response. Fortunately, they returned back my money on Dec 19th automatically w/o any notification. I just checked my POSB transaction history. The handelsbank code is ITT ( Inward Telegraphic Transfer). My money wasgoed less S$Ten, so i believed that’s for the charges.

Then I attempted to wire transfer yesterday afternoon (Dec Nineteen). I amended ter POSB recipient details, now using the ABA 322286803 and it reached to my Gemini wallet this morning.

Very useful guide, but I’m still confused. So very first step is to click on Gemini’s bankgebouw settings and input our own DBS regional canap account informatie or DBS remit account informatie? If DBS remit account informatie, where do I find it?

I am attempting to setup my USD(Bankgebouw Transfer) but there is no button on Gemini Bankgebouw Settings pagina and it only directed mij to creating Wire Transfer. Instead I created USD (Wire Transfer), is there a difference? or any other extra charges or notes that I should look out for?

2 thoughts on “Same kwestie here.”

  1. Yes 2018 will be interesting, don’t leave behind that wij still have another auction after this one announced today, there are still those Karpeles coins noone knows about and Australia seizured another big bunch that will sooner or zometeen auctioned too, so yeah another year of sidelines and bears. All hope is for the next year.

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