Gemini Review Headquarters: Fresh York, NY, USA Description: Security.

Gemini Review Headquarters: New York, NY, USA Description: Security.

Headquarters: Fresh York, NY, USA

Description: Security. Liquidity. Trust

Availability: 45 U.S. States, Canada, Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, and U.K.

User Practice

The user interface is ordinary and effortless to navigate but less epic than GDAX, for example.

Yes – Account setup wasgoed amazingly user-friendly and made for a pleasant onboarding practice. Albeit it looks like verification might take some time, the process wasgoed effortless to accomplish.

Yes – Documentation for common questions exists but could be greatly improved upon. Most of the answers are very basic and I never came across extra details or instructional diagrams.

24-hour response time


Account setup and verification required the usual documentation:

I did not, however, have to submit a signed and dated photo which wasgoed nice.

How long does verification take?

It only took mij 24 hours to get verified but I did see this warning after I submitted my informatie:

Yes via Authy. I’m not sure if I just missed it, but it would be nice to be able to use Google Authenticator, or another 2FA option.

Yes – the majority of digital assets are stored offline using cold storage.

Payment & Fees

Transfer Fees (Deposits & Withdrawals)

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Transfer Fees – 0 transfer fees to deposit or withdraw te crypto, wire, ACH, etc. However, banks may still charge a wire toverfee.

Gemini provides fairly detailed documentation on their toverfee structure, which is good given the complexity. Relatively speaking, their fees are very competitive and ter most cases slightly less than other U.S. exchanges.

Accepted Payment Methods

Canap account (USD), canap wire (USD), BTC, ETH


I toevluchthaven’t had any issues with reliability on Gemini. They don’t have a status pagina, so it’s a little hard to know if other’s have experienced outages.

No – The webstek is also not mobile friendly, which is surprising given the overall technical sophistication of the toneel.

Gemini Alternatives

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3 thoughts on “Gemini Review Headquarters: Fresh York, NY, USA Description: Security.”

  1. Can I guess that Gemini will open tomorrow on Wednesday the 19th? What a ideal time to launch, price is low so there’s only one way to go, up!

  2. A institutional investor had to sign up on there webpagina very first. Then they just received that email from them to get the process began. So institutional investors have began the process and will be trading. To say it will be “zero” makes you seem like a troll.

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