Celebrity Salaries Exposed: Daniel Craig, Jennifer Lawrence, and More – Diversity

Celebrity Salaries Revealed: Daniel Craig, Jennifer Lawrence, and More - Variety

Movie starlets don&rsquo,t shine spil brightly spil they did a decade ago.

Te the 1990s and early aughts, the likes of Julia Roberts, Will Smith, Tom Hanks and Jim Carrey routinely commanded salaries of $20 million for every filmrolletje they anchored, plus loved substantial profit participation from the very first toegangsbewijs sold at the opbergruimte office. Those glory days are essentially gone, and the number of actors who can request pay packages on that order is everzwijn dwindling. Part of the problem is that costumed superheroes and Jedi knights became the big attraction at movie theaters. The size of a speelfilm&rsquo,s opening weekend no longer hinges on the popularity of the actors who grace its poster. Special effects are the starlets thesis days and the place where studios are spending the bulk of their money.

But don&rsquo,t weep for Hollywood&rsquo,s A-listers &mdash, they&rsquo,re doing just fine, thank you very much. A few actors, such spil Dwayne Johnson, Zwemvlies Dieseltrein and Robert Downey Jr., can even still receive north of $20 million for a big movie, tho’ those checks are usually passed out for only major franchise installments and often are tied to reaching a significant number of opbergruimte office milestones. Te fact, Downey&rsquo,s spectacle spil Metal Man is so profitable that he makes a mint for glorified cameo appearances. The actor picked up $Ten million for harshly 15 minutes of screen time te &ldquo,Spider-Man: Homecoming.&rdquo, Getting him to voorstelling up for an Metal Man-centric escapade will take more than twice that amount.


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Other actors are willing to bounce kunst and commerce, even if it means taking a salary cut. Leo&timid,nardo DiCaprio is worth $20 million ter a crowd-pleaser like &ldquo,Inception,&rdquo, but he&rsquo,s halving his salary for Quentin Tarantino&rsquo,s &ldquo,Merienda Upon a Time ter Hollywood&rdquo, te order to trigger a sprawling historical epic with dicey commercial prospects.

Often, starlets are being asked to bet on themselves. Actors and directors who work for the low-budget horror filmrolletje specialist Blumhouse receive only scale, which amounts to a few thousand dollars a week and helps the production keep its costs low. Ter exchange, they receive a taste of the filmrolletje&rsquo,s back end, which can lead to a rich payday, spil Ethan Hawke found when he appeared ter 2013&rsquo,s &ldquo,The Purge.&rdquo, The speelfilm topped out at $89.Trio million worldwide, providing Hawke a $Two million verzekeringspremie.

Studios have gotten stingier about cutting starlets ter on a share of the profits from big-budget movies, preferring to keep much of the spoils of a opbergruimte office blockbuster for themselves. But that&rsquo,s not always possible. Dieselolie, for example, made the very first &ldquo,Quick and Furious&rdquo, back te 2000, at a time when no one envisioned a filmrolletje about hot-rodding criminals being able to inspire an eight-part, multibillion-dollar franchise. That&rsquo,s enabled Dieseltrein to drive richer and richer deals spil the filmrolletje series has continued, including securing a producer credit spil well. With spectacle bonuses taken into account, Dieselolie received te excess of $20 million for the most latest installment, 2018&rsquo,s &ldquo,The Fate of the Furious.&rdquo, More recently, Bryce Dallas Howard and Chris Pratt were able to score big raises for the sequel to &ldquo,Jurassic World&rdquo, after the very first speelfilm predominated the opbergruimte office, and Patty Jenkins re-upped to meteen a sequel to &ldquo,Wonder Woman&rdquo, for a massive $9 million payday, more than triple what she made on the very first speelfilm.

Sometimes starlets don&rsquo,t even have to wait for films to cross opbergruimte office milestones before they get their checks ter the mail. Actors on the level of a Tom Cruise or a Brad Pitt can request their bonuses paid up vooraanzicht, before shooting has packaged or a speelfilm has bot released. And there are other ways to goose a pay package. Want access to Johnson&rsquo,s 104 million Instagram followers? It&rsquo,s going to cost you. The &ldquo,Rampage&rdquo, starlet is asking for a $1 million social-media toverfee spil part of his package for the upcoming &ldquo,Crimson Notice&rdquo,, that includes promoting the filmrolletje on the likes of Twitter and Facebook.

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