Winklevoss – Bitcoin Exchange Gemini Expands To The UK, Fintechist

Winklevoss - Bitcoin Exchange Gemini Expands To The UK, Fintechist

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When people look up the history of Bitcoin to date, they will come across the name Winklevoss at some point. The twin brothers, most famously known for using Mark Zuckerberg, launched their Gemini exchange verhoging te 2018. Everzwijn since that date, no major news has come out of the toneelpodium, up until now. Gemini has opened its doors to UK users spil well.

Most Bitcoin exchange platforms only operate ter a particular region. Some of the fatter exchanges are open to customers around the world. But for some reason, consumers usually stick to their lugar exchange options spil well, to avoid dealing with currency conversion fees. Ter countries where Bitcoin is taxed, it makes more sense to have funds coming into a canap account from a restringido company spil well.

Gemini Comes in Competitive Market

How this situation will affect the success of Gemini ter the United Kingdom, remains to be seen. The region has several reliable Bitcoin platforms, including Coinfloor, CoinCorner , and Bittylicious. Then again, it is always good to see platforms expand their reach across the oceans.

Spil of today, June 21, 2018, UK residents can use the Gemini exchange to exchange inbetween Bitcoin and Ethereum . An option to buy or sell cryptocurrency with pounds or US Dollar is coming te the coming months. At the time of writing, no specific dates were exposed for implementing thesis options.

Gemini is not the very first Bitcoin exchange verhoging to expand from the United States to the UK either. Circle, a verhoging where users can buy Bitcoin with debit cards, now possesses a license to operate ter the UK. There seems to be a growing request for alternative investment options ter this part of the world. Some people see Bitcoin spil a better version of gold, and even an alternative to traditional payment methods.

London is the financial caudal of the world, and Dublin is a hot Fintech area. There is a lotsbestemming of innovation originating from the UK, and the growing request for Bitcoin is a ongezouten result of that situation. More competition ter those markets is always a good thing, spil customers will reap the prizes by comparing different platforms.

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3 thoughts on “Winklevoss – Bitcoin Exchange Gemini Expands To The UK, Fintechist”

  1. I vereiste be interpreting the guidelines set forward by the Chinese government, because I thought the fact that it wasgoed being operated off of a private canap account wasgoed the entire reason the exchange has bot able to run. By it being switched to a business account (albeit it seems trivial), it seems like only a matter of time where deposits will zekering being able to be made on that exchange?

  2. Hmm. Ter principle Itbit does everything people want from Gemini and it’s here right now. It’s growing but it didn’t wiggle the world. What are the Winklevii packing that Itbit isn’t? Marketing and contacts?

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