Their fees embark out from 0.16-0.26% but they have a program that reduces thesis fees the more you trade (which not many other exchanges offerande).

Their fees start out from 0.16-0.26% but they have a program that reduces these fees the more you trade (which not many other exchanges offer).


Getting began with Coinmama is super elementary. They suggest newbie-friendly, step-by-step instructions to make your very first purchase. They have a good support team. They are also very very recommended by many people online.

If you embark to accumulate a loterijlot of coins, I very recommend setting up a cold storage wallet to keep your coins secure.

GDAX / Coinbase

(2018 UPDATE: I no longer recommend Coinbase. They were good for awhile, but so many better ways to purchase coins are available, such spil Coinmama.)

GDAX is a sister company of Coinbase, which is one of the most used exchanges online. It serves spil a sort of day-trading toneelpodium whereas Coinbase is better for buying coins and keeping them for awhile. It’s significant to note that GDAX has zero fees to transfer coins, which is quiebro astonishing because the Bitcoin transfer fees thesis days are abysmal! You can place buy/sells on the marketplace spil well spil limit orders which trigger when certain conditions are met. They even offerande zekering orders which are like limit orders but with an toegevoegd condition. GDAX requires a bit more identity verification than other exchanges due to its legitimate nature, but it’s also one of the older exchanges. GDAX is the number one exchange for people just getting into cryptocurrency and want to buy through Coinbase and send to GDAX.

It’s significant to know that when you sign up for Coinbase, you’re automatically created a GDAX account, which is why I am including thesis two exchanges together.


This is among the top Trio most used Bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchanges. They are also among the newest exchanges, boasting the best te trading technology. Their exchange fees range from 0.15-0.25% depending if you are purchasing at market rate or limit rate (explained below).

Maker (limit) trades. A maker trade is when you place an order that is opposite of where the price graph is heading. For example, if the price is going higher then you would be a maker if you placed a buy order lower than the asking price. You’re taking a stance and telling, “I think the price will decrease, and I want to purchase coins if it decreases.” Likewise, you are a maker if you place a sell order when the price is decreasing, but your order voorwaarde be higher than the asking price. You’re telling, “The price is ripping off, but I think it will go up, and when it does I want to sell my coins.”

Taker (market). A market or “taker” order is when you agree with where the price is heading. Let’s say you have a stash of Bitcoin and the price starts pulling down. Because you want to sell at a higher price than you think it will be te the upcoming minutes/hours, you dump your coins at market rate. Many times (spil is the case with Gemini and Coinbase) you pay an toegevoegd toverfee for placing a market order. It’s significant to note that your purchase or sale has no affect on the price of the coin. This is why it is called a taker order – you are agreeing with the prices, not contesting against them.

Thesis two aspects of maker (limit) and taker (market) are VERY significant to know when approaching a cryptocurrency exchange for the very very first time. So make sure to reminisce them!

Interesting to note, Gemini got embarked ter 2018 by the Winklevoss twins (Olympians, Tyler and Cameron). You may reminisce them from the Facebook story, where they lost their social media podium to Mark Zuckerberg. They’re doing alright for themselves te the world of cryptocurrency spil one of the most reputable proponents for digital currency itself. Joy fact: they are estimated to own one-hundreds of the entire supply of Bitcoin. They’re very freaking rich, and they have a passion. This very passion is why Gemini is perhaps the very first or 2nd greatest exchange out there!

And ultimately, Gemini wasgoed developed with user practice ter mind. It’s a breeze to use and requires very little technical skill. Spil long spil you know the difference inbetween maker/taker orders then you’ll have a good time on the Gemini exchange.


Finta a few fresh exchanges are hitting película del Oeste United States lately! Bittrex is of course one of them. They are among the largest exchanges with the highest transaction volumes. They have many Bitcoin “pairings”. This means that you can buy and sell coins to and from Bitcoin, but you cannot buy and sell AltCoins (coins that are not Bitcoin) with each other. Therefore when you have, for example, a bunch of Dogecoin and you want to turn them into Ethereum, you’ll have to make an extra transactions (from Dogecoin into Bitcoin into Ethereum). This is very common with exchanges, and you should get comfy doing this. Spil you should know, most/all exchanges gauge value ter comparison to Bitcoin itself. And you may find that a value of a coin is measured ter Satoshi (units of a Bitcoin omschrijving to 0.00000001) rather than US Dollars, British Pounds, or Euros. It’s significant to get used to measuring a coin’s value te Satoshi!

Due to massive volume, Bittrex has had fairly a few questionable reviews from users having difficulties depositing and withdrawing funds. This is to be expected spil the world of cryptocurrency increases spil well spil the number of users. From webstek visitors and friends, Bittrex has bot overall a very pleasant exchange to work with. It’s absolutely necessary to expect some minor setbacks when transacting, and compared to others, Bittrex has fewer of thesis setbacks.

The exchange is known for their low exchange fees, a mere 0.20% compared to the 0.25%+ of other exchanges. It has a very beginner-friendly interface to ensure that you’re able to get up and running exchanging cryptocurrencies te no time at all.

Certain countries are not permitted on the podium. You can browse their webstek to view restricted countries. However they are permitting fresh countries to trade very frequently. This makes a very potent up and coming Bitcoin exchange.

Like Coinbase, permits for credit card and bankgebouw account transfers. Keep te mind that their credit card transfers can take up to 1-2 days to process, compared to Coinbase’s instant transfer time. Their canap transfer speed varies greatly, therefore you cannot expect your coins to be available by a certain date.

If you want to sell bitcoins on an exchange then keep ter mind their Two.9% toverfee spil well spil a plane toverfee (which varies depending on what currency you are selling for). There are better methods to sell Bitcoins than on an exchange like this. Consider using Restringido Bitcoins to find a reputable buyer or seller near you.


Losbreken boasts a more traditional exchange interface. By that, I mean it’s quiebro a bit complicated to use for newer traders, but it boasts a plethora of features for those accesible with cryptocurrency trading. Their fees commence out from 0.16-0.26% but they have a program that reduces thesis fees the more you trade (which not many other exchanges suggest). It supports a larger multiplicity of countries than most other platforms.

Losbreken is located ter California’s bay area and released te 2011. It permits for handelsbank transfers spil well spil cryptocurrency deposits. It has overheen 15 compatible cryptocurrencies (spil of writing) to permit for a diverse trading practice depending on what digital coins suit your fancy. It has solid security and 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) so you can surplus assured you’re not subject to a security breach te the foreseeable future. They have a technical support team, however some users report not receiving terugkoppeling te a timely manner (or at all). This may be attributed due to the volume of users flooding to the toneelpodium spil a result of latest negative press on Coinbase.

Of course, no exchange is without negative reviews. There have bot finta a few people who did not have an ideal practice on Openbreken. I’m not sure if it’s because thesis people indeed did have issues or if they weren’t hogareño with the trading interface. Quick day traders may not appreciate the slower withdrawal times (which, due to Bitcoin network congestion, is unluckily commonplace). And te zonderling cases, users have a hard time accessing their coins on this exchange. You can sign up for an account, but don’t do any strong trading until you explore the toneelpodium.


Poloniex is finta the controversial exchange with mixed reviews. While on paper it boasts solid technology and features, it has finta a few negative reviews from its users. Thesis include delayed withdrawal times, slow transaction times, issues with booking orders, frequent outages, faulty API, slow toegangsbewijs response times, lost coins, and more. At the time, I cannot recommend them even however I have not use them. This news is te response to reviews from my friends and readers of this webstek. There are too many faults ter their podium to recommend. That’s no worry, however, because there are many other exchanges to use!

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  1. After 25 years of service, merienda I retire, my company also provides 40% of my highest year salary for 25 years or until death, whichever comes very first. I am willing to waterput my entire 401K into the ETF knowing I will still be getting a welgevoeglijk check every month merienda retired.

  2. The Gemini exchange isn’t being set up spil a SEC-regulated exchange. It’s just another proposed exchange operating with a money-transfer license.

  3. This is what I see happening. With GBTC coming to closer to parity with NAV just spil you said and with the upcoming decision from the Winklevoss ETF (COIN) and the SolidX Bitcoin Trust ETF (XBTC). Let’s say they say yes, then you should see an influx of Bitcoin being purchased which should drive up the price of Bitcoin, which would ter theory then drive up the price of GBTC. If they come back and say no, then te theory GBTC would merienda again go up te price and be further from NAV spil there would not be a COIN or XBTC ETF available to participate te. Either way, unless BTC falls dramatically for some reason GBTC should only go up from here with both good or bad news from the upcoming SEC announcements.

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