SnapCap – motorized OTA cap

SnapCap - motorized OTA cap

Gemini SnapCap is an excellent solution for dust protection, installs ter few minutes without drilling crevices and works even te the field or ter your remote observatory. Available with single or dual (half) flaps.

Wij can also add a vapid panel for your convenience (up to 40 cm optics). For optical tubes overheen 40cm you get Two semicircles with Two motors and no plane panel is possible. Snap Cap is a plain, reliable modular device. Below is a movie guide to the SnapCap options.

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Gemini SnapCap Installation

Snap Cap is a elementary, reliable modular device and very effortless for installation (Gemini SnapCap Installation ter few steps).

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The clearence you need to open/close is D+Ten cm for single, R+Ten cm for dual cap versions.

This is what Manuel from Austria wrote: “It is not truly difficult(to install) and works fine. Fine and useful product and saves mij time.”

How it works

A plastic glazed metal relatie holds the motor unit on the tube or dewcap. The cap’s axis is inserted into the motorized arm. You connect the cables and it is ready to go. Available with 90 or 270 degree rotation. If you switch OTA you need to exchange the cap and the metal relatie only. The movie below features a dual Snap Cap voorkant.

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To operate Snap Cap you just have to download its Windows control program that permits controlling the motor and the vapid panel, spil seen below. It has USB and Bluetooth connection and can be managed from your Android device too. Supported ter Sequence Generator Voor and Voyager. An ASCOM switch emulating driver is also available.

Alternatively you can use two free contacts on a pc (usb or LAN) managed relay switch (500mA). See the gemini snapcap manual for details. It weights from cca 300 g to 2000 g, depending on size and plane panel. The linksaf to driver and software download are te the manual.


Wij use exclusively alluminium, stainless stengel, zink plated stengel and inox screws. The cap is made of 1mm doorslag composite.

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