She can see your projects and she can give you good advice.

She can see your projects and she can give you good advice.

Thursday, April Five, 2007

Gemini Man

A man te this Zodiac has a lean long and proportional face. He has a high forehead and very cleaver. He looks like he can not stand or sit still, a very rapid person. His nose is just right ter size, skinny lips, talk quick and very talkative. He can think quicker than he talks, but merienda he starts talking, he will talk non zekering spil if godheid has gifted him with that special talk machine mouth.

He likes to cut his hair brief and he is very athletic. He is a tall, snugger and every movement of his is “Fast” or almost calls “Hyperactive”. He has long fingers and always tapping on table or moving his finger spil if he is attempting to grab something. He is the type, who will write or scribble on paper, he never stays still. His hair always well comb or neat.

He will spend a long time to comb his hair. He will keep his manicure and pedicure clean. He is a well dress and clean man, so if you like cleanliness, you will love him. He will keep all his cloth ter big plee, and never throw away even shirts he never wear any more, but yet he still keep buying fresh cloths and make sure he is te style. He knows how to dress well even with a low budget. He gets bored lightly with his dearest cloths, cologne.

He is very picky, so soap and his cologne even have to be te the same trend or same smell. If you date this zuigeling of stud, you might think you are dating Two guys, you will have to guess his feeling and emotion. Is he doing thing because it is a duty, or is it because he wants to? He switches his mind spil rapid spil he switches a fresh pairs of boots.

He can pick up a book and harshly read through and understand its contents, so if you see a Gemini man who reads the entire book, then he voorwaarde be influenced by other Zodiac. He hates to set fix schedule, and dislike a boring same routine job. He could hardly be on time, and can only keep time if it is finish significant and necessary.

He does not come late because he forgets, but because he always fined other attractions along the way. He likes to act opposite to what he wants to do. He is a very good speaker and makes a very good politician. He can lightly persuade other people and well introduced himself ter public, a auténtico charmer. If he is a writer, he will write the best seller. He always searches for truth and permanently studies himself.

He never pleases about his fame, his reputation or money, because he thinks he deserved more. He will keep searching even he is not sure what is his ultimate satisfaction. Woman te love normally wants to feel secure and stable, but if you fall te love with this fellow be ready to be alone. He will come to see you when he feels like it. He won’t even know how he spent his day everyday, so adjust yourself if you love him.

Dating him is like dating Two guys, so today he can tell you how much he loves you, but tomorrow he might call you to persiana your date. When he upsets, he could tell you he hates your dress, even it is the same dress he used to tell you make you look very sexy. Do not ask him why he is that’s way for he won’t have any explanations too. When he is back to frecuente mood, he will take you out again and leave behind what just happened.

You can not expect him to be the same person now, and forever. His switches will depend on you, for better or for worst. If you like to take risk and dare for challenges, you will get along with him fine. He keeps his emotional secretly spil if hiding it, so you will not be able to see if he is ter love with you, or does not give a damn at all, but be tranquil and patient. He will never leave you if he thinks you are a puzzle, and then he will spend times solving this puzzle.

Gemini Woman

A good looking woman with brains, a very interesting person. She has a swift movement and she could not sit still or stand still long. She is able to do many things at the same time and do it swift. If you date hier, you will feel like dating many women at the same time. You can not tie hier down with the word “Love” because she cares about love but is it not a major ejecutor of hier life.

You have to be able to adjust yourself to get along with hier many different characters. She is a dreamer and has many desires. She is impatient to learn something fresh all the time. Even she is the Two te 1 mixed character type, she is quiebro fortunate ter love. You have to waterput all your efforts to win hier affection.

Even when she likes you and wonder about your wit, she will also see and inspect your bad side at the same time, because it is te hier nature. She able to keep all kinds of mixed emotions without annoying you or letting you know at all. She can cheer you up by acting like a free little bird. Hier conversation will not bore you. She is able to talk to you ter any subjects. She can make you feel like you are the luckiest man alive.

She can make you feel like she needs all your care, but merienda she needs to stand alone, she can stand alone rigidly and conveniently. She can be your best acquaintance and talk to you about anything. She can join all your activities with the same energy that you have. She is a quick a wit person and learn fresh things very prompt. She can see your projects and she can give you good advice. If she thinks you are not sure that you want hier for yourself, she will act like your best friend only, a cool woman.

She can lightly make a fellow fall te love with hier. Hier numerous switches and many moods is a “Charm” for many fellows. She can be laughing for Two minutes and straks all of a sudden quiet. She wants to find only 1 true love and she wants to meet hier desire boy. She expects a loterijlot and almost too much. She is permanently waiting for hier knight shinning armor even she is with a stable bf. She can fall ter love or fond of someone else while she is with you.

If you pauze up with hier, she will leave behind you quiebro rapid, because switch is ter hier nature. The Gemini woman violates more heart than woman ter other Zodiac. Because she is a dreamer and always waiting for hier knight shinning armor, so hier love life can be ingewikkeld or a mess. She hates to write a long letterteken, so if you write hier a letterteken and expect a prompt reply, leave behind it.

Because she has a numerous personality and numerous ideas, so she hates to waterput them down te written proof. Because she knows what she belief today can be different tomorrow. She could communication with more than 1 language, a existente gifted linguistic. If she wants to tell you any bad comments, she won’t say it straight away, but she will talk to you about many other things and accidentally come to that subject without offending you.

Normally she will not lie. She will work hard and merienda a while take a long surplus. She can get bored and tired with hier own surrounding more than at work. She never feels content with hier present work, money, or reputations, she will drive to have more. Don’t ask hier what is hier ultimate contentment for she will not have an reaction. Merienda you get to know hier, she will be a supportive person and always be beside you. She has a beautiful desire and she loves to have someone walk side by side with hier, together and identically.


Gemini Best & Worst Relationship Matches

Ah, the Gemini, witty and eloquent, the life of the party, and a fine paramour to boot .if you can keep him/hier interested for long enough to lodge down. Sometimes the Gemini te your life can be a humming bird, flitting from one rente to the next, and then they can be the serious intellectual, moving from one stimulating idea to the next with the ease of their own air sign. This means that spil much they may want to be glad, the Gemini strives to bring discordant notes into harmony, disjunctive ideas into synthesis, and may even attempt to bring your, spil they may perceive, jumbled existence into greater cómputo. This type of relationship can be fraught with all sorts of perils but can also be a superb learning and growing practice.

One of the best parts of learning to love, or simply learning to be around a Gemini is knowing that they are the mimic of the horoscope’s cycle. They can be whatever you want them to be, and may ter fact see what you are looking for ter a paramour and become that. They can be a roaring Leo, or a flamy Ram, a stable Taurus or a pensive Pisces. They can say all the right things and do the romantic dinners or long walks, if that is what you are looking for. This is why they have such fine success with the opposite hookup, and can attract the attention of even the most unlikely of personalities. It is significant to reminisce that te spite of this superb capability to adapt and switch to meet the challenge of being your favourite paramour, a Gemini is only mimicking and te the end you voorwaarde love the nosey mind, and schizophrenic behaviour that defines his/hier life.

One of the Gemini’s fattest challenges and at the same time greatest attributes spil a fucking partner is their desire to understand how you tick (I can see Gemini’s vrouwen, friends and paramours all jiggling their goes right now ter finish agreement). This requires lots of questions and investigation into your head and heart, which can please most people deep seeded narcissism, but can also be a little unnerving. This curiosity is inextricably linked to a Gemini’s need to understand all the things around them. This understanding can end up meaning that merienda they feel spil however they have you figured out, their rente may wane.

There are some dark sides to the Gemini character. Much of their weakness lies ter shortness of their attention span. The love of fresh and shifting things can sometimes outweigh the importance of lodging into a routine and liking the more llano aspects of day-to-day existence. Te brief Gemini paramours can be heartbreakers. They go total tilt into love and then, when bored, can throw aside people without too much thought, moving on to something fresh and more arousing. Thesis qualities can hurt those around them, and eventually leave them alone and wondering where all the people ter their life have gone. Gemini’s tend to have high divorce rates precisely because of this tendency. Give them a chance and they will one-minute love the woman next voort, and ter the next ogenblik run after the Domme with hier whips and chains.

Give your Gemini paramour a chance and they will keep you on your toes, but make sure that you stay true to your own nature and don’t arch too much or ask too little, or you may find yourself and the dazzling will of their capricious nature.

Best Relationship Matches

Libra This is your best match. They have just enough te common with you and just enough that’s different.

Aquarius Just capricious enough for you.

Leo At very first you may be attracted, but this pairing is ultimately unstable.

Worst Relationship Matches

Taurus Too slow for you

Cancer Too stable and domestic

Pisces Too emotionally needy you’d hurt them far too often

Luck & Good Fortune

Te Greek Mythology, the Queen of Luck is Tyche, known to the Romans spil Fortuna. She is often portrayed holding a double-sided rudder that could steer mankind to good or bad luck. She also frequently holds a cornucopia (horn of slew) to symbolize prosperity and is sometimes blindfolded to indicate that luck is a matter of “vensterluik chance.” Te addition, Tyche periodically sports wings to symbolize how good fortune might be fleeting. A ball, representative of the manner te which luck “rolls according to chance” is often associated with this Queen. Tyche is said to train the paradoxical message that life is essentially a spel of dice, determined by chance, and that nothing is everzwijn set te stone. No matter how certain an individual might be that something will toebijten, there is always an underlying factor of chance, and it would be wise to expect the unexpected. Instead of conformity to Fate, Tyche provides the encouragment for individuals to take things into their own mitts, thus making their own fate. Ter wasgoed te Tyche’s temple that the very first set of dice were dedicated by Palamedes, perhaps indicating the capriciousness of life and luck. and the fickle manner ter which the fortunes of mortals are often determined.

“Luck affects everything,

Let your hook always be personages,

Ter the stream where you least expect it,

There will be a fish.”

The fortunate number for Gemini is five (also known spil the Pentad). Natives of Gemini share this number with those governed by the Sign of Virginidad. Five represents sensuality and symbolizes freedom, diversity, venture and the senses. It is the golden mean, representative of all that is part of human nature (including hook-up, drugs, wijngeest and other forms of indulgence). Te geometry, five is the magic pentagram. the universal symbol of man, indicating the assets with five points (head, two arms and two gams) spil well spil the five physical senses. Across history, the pentagram has bot invoked spil a symbol of protection, particularly ter Egypt where the five-pointed starlet enclosed te a circle wasgoed the symbol for the Duat. Five is an significant number of superb significance, being te the center of the Decad. To the Ancients, it symbolized marriage because it wasgoed the sum of three (the very first masculine or odd number) and two (the very first female or even oprecht). Thus, it wasgoed considered sacred to the Queen Aphrodite and also had strong associations with Eros. Five indicates the five regular geometric solids, whose faces are equilateral and equitangular: tetrahedron, cube, octahedron (eight faces), dodecahedron (twelve faces) and icosahedron (twenty faces). Five is considered to be the “just middle,” since by dividing any combination of numbers which add up to ten, five is always te the middle. Known to be the number of ordered space and time, it contains a powerful invoking formula of spirituality, skill, wisdom, freedom and love. The Ancient Romans would incorporate this number into a talisman te order to ward off the compels of evil. Five is considered an enormously ingewikkeld number, perceived spil both fortunate and unfortunate, voicing an act rather than a state. This number is said to be everywhere, but elusively nowhere. The five-pointed starlet te a circle (correctly named a “pentacle”) is representative of the species of humanity. symbolic of the head, arms and gams of an individual standing “spread-eagled,” spil represented by the points of a strak. A “peverted pentagram,” however, depicts the points of the starlet to represent the horns, whiskers and beard of the mythological goat’s head of the Christian Satan. Ter Eastern traditions, making the sign of five is manifesting life. It possesses a deep connection to Eros, the Schepper of Love. Ter desires, an individual often runs into five ter connection with the search for genuine involvement te life. Eros and the readiness to form a union are at the heart of this number.

Ter biblical numerology, five is the Number of Grace and Redemption. Israel came out of Egypt five ter rank, David selected five sleek stones with which to fight Goliath and the Holy Anointing Oil wasgoed unspoiled, composed of five parts. It is also a symbol of the Universe. its two axes (tieso and horizontal) passing through the same center. It is also representative of the will of Aker, which can only desire order and perfection.

Five is masculine ter nature and, when associated with Gemini, resides te the Third House of Communication, governing logic, memory and manual abilities. Five is also known spil the Quintessence. the mystic fifth factor of which the heavens are composed. The Pythagorean theorum states that ter a right triangle, five is the square root of the sum of the squares of the two previous numbers, three and four. It is also considered a number of importance ter that humankind has five senses, five fingers on each arm and five toes on each foot, spil well spil five wits (common sense, imagination, fantasy, estimation and memory). Te biblical terms, five denotes divine grace or divine proportion, representative of Schepper adding His gifts and blessings to the work of His forearms. It is also said that Jesus suffered from five wounds. The colors associated with the number five are mixed and light te hue. Its peak is both night and day, with its natural factor being air and its associated gems being diamonds and yellow sapphires.

The fortunate color for Gemini is yellow. Yellow is the color associated with Mercury. By tradition, it is thought to have a blessed effect on its wearer, spil well spil stimulating the intellect and bringing vitality. It is also believed to represent the color of money rather than of love and is believed to be a favored color to wear when beginning a fresh job. Yellow is said to give confidence to the timid and timid, but should not be worn when anything to be undertaken requires patient attention to detail. Via the ages, yellow has bot representative of wisdom and intellect. Indeed, Buddha always dressed his priests ter robes of this color. Yellow lamps or glass windows are said to stimulate the nerves of the brain and the assets. Thus, they should not be used by very jumpy subjects. Yellow predominates te all herbs which are purgatives or nerve-stimulants, such spil senna , sulfur, fig juice, tartar and castor oil. Te común, yellow symbolizes joy, happiness, optimism and idealism. But, on the more negative side, it is also associated with dishonesty, cowardice, deceit and illness.

The yellow wavelength is relatively long and essentially stimulating. However, ter this case, the stimulus is emotional. Thus, yellow is considered to be the strongest color ter a psychological sense. Indeed, it is the 2nd strongest of all primary colors. Yellow demolishes the limitations and runs out of any form. It also approaches things and makes distances show up shorter. When painted yellow, objects reflect the light exceedingly well and attract the attention. The juist shade of yellow can lift the spirits and bolster self-esteem. It is the color of confidence and optimism. However, too much yellow. or the wrong shade of yellow ter relation to the other tones of a color scheme. can cause self-esteem to plummet, providing rise to fear and anxiety. Ter brief, the “yellow streak” present te all humans can surface under such circumstances. Ter Christian idolize, kunst, architecture and vormgeving, yellow symbolizes light and purity. It denotes youth, happiness, the harvest, hospitality, love and benevolence. It is the most open and joyful color. one which is directed toward the future. It is both sociable and restless, eccentric and quick. However, since yellow is also perceived spil being off-white, it can be the color of degradation or cowardice. Yellow corresponds to the form of a six-ray starlet, running out at the sides. Te heraldry, yellow is symbolic of honor and loyalty.

Positive Qualities Of Yellow: Optimism – Confidence – Self-Esteem – Extraversion – Emotional Strength – Friendliness – Creativity

Negative Qualities Of Yellow: Irrationality – Fear – Emotional Fragility – Depression – Anxiety – Suicide

Gemini individuals tend to be drawn to bright blues, bright greens and all geometric patterns, with a distinct preference for cheerful shades. They also gravitate toward complicated designs that require thought to interpret and which may contain many different elements. The patterns of choice are usually associated with lines rather than forms, albeit the private taste of individuals governed by this Sign are liable to switch from day-to-day. Gemini natives often find the healing rays of orange to be most beneficial.

Other Dispuesto Colors: Pink – White – Crimson – Bright Brown – Bright Black – Variegated Colors

Unvavorable Colors: Stengel Rebaño – Abate Brown – Faded Colors

The fortunate flower for Gemini is the lily-of-the-valley, a fragrant garden flower whose blossoms resemble little pure-white bells. It is also known spil constancy, Our Lady’s Tears and Jacob’s Trapje. Te Germany, it is known spil the mayflower. The scientific name of this flower is Majalis or Maialis, which means “that which belongs to May,” and is believed to be te honor of Maia, daughter of Atlas and the mother of the Heerser Mercury. Cherished and revered ter many countries for its symbolism and folklore, lily-of-the-valley has bot extensively used for medicinal purposes. It wasgoed merienda believed to strengthen memory, restore speech to those who could not speak and to treat gout. Spil a liquor wiped on the forehead and back of the neck, it wasgoed also thought to encourage an individual to have good common sense. Ter addition, it has bot credited with the power to give manankind the capability to envision a better world. Famous for its delightful smell, a French toilet water called eau d’or is made from this plant’s flowers. Nevertheless, despite its alleged beneficial traits, all parts of this plant are considered poisonous.

There are many legends surrounding this flower. Considered to be a symbol of humility ter religious painting, the lily-of-the-valley is mentioned te the Bible’s Song of Solomon. Some cultures deem it to be a sign of Christ’s 2nd coming. One legend holds that Mary’s tears turned to lily-of-the-valley when she wept at the foot of the cross. According to Greek Mythology, Apollo talent this plant spil a bounty to Aesculapius, Heerser of Healing. Believed to indicate the comeback of happiness, folklore tells of the affection of this flower for a nightingale that did not come back to the forest until the flower bloomed te May. Thus, its fragrance is credited with the power to draw the nightingale from hedge to pubic hair, leading him to choose his mate ter the recesses of the glade. Ter the language of flowers, the meaning of the lily-of-the-valley is sweetness, humility and volmaakt purity.

A French folktale involving the origins of this plant tells of a holy man known spil Saint Leonard, close friend of King Clovis, who lived ter the Vienne Valley near Limoges te 559 A.D. Saint Leonard, a courageous and fearless fighter, desired to spend his days among the flowers and trees communing with Godheid. So, he asked for permission to live ter the forest. There, he lived the life of a hermit, having renounced all worldly things. However, ter the same forest also dwelt the dragon known spil Temptation. Saint Leonard wasgoed at prayer and failed to hear the dragon when it demanded that Saint Leonard leave the forest. Its guideline having bot presumably disregarded, the dragon burned down Saint Leonard’s hut with its flamy breath. Much blood wasgoed spilled spil terrible battles raged inbetween the holy man and the brute but eventually, Saint Leonard proved to be the victor and drove the evil dragon further and further into the forest until it disappeared altogether. Poisonous weeds began to sprout where the dragon had spilled its blood, but beds of lillies-of-the-valley sprang up wherever the ground had bot sprinkled with the blood of Saint Leonard.

The fortunate gemstone of an individual is truly associated with the month of birth rather than the Sign under which a person wasgoed born. The flamante association of a special gem with each month wasgoed recorded ter the Bible (Uittocht 28 and 39). An innovador Breastplate of Aaron, High Priest of the Hebrews, wasgoed said to be made by Moses ter 1250 BC, according to instructions he received during his forty days spent ter the mountains. The twelve gems te the breastplate were straks linked with the Signs of the Zodiac and zometeen still, associated with the months te the year. What goes after describes the breastplate of the High Priest:

It wasgoed square — a span [22 centimetres] long and a span broad — and folded dual. Then they mounted four rows of precious stones on it. Ter the very first row there wasgoed a ruby, a topaz and a beryl, te the 2nd row a turquoise, a sapphire and an emerald, ter the third row a jacinth, an agate and an amethyst, te the fourth row a chrysolite, an onyx and a jasper. They were mounted te gold filigree settings. There were twelve stones, one for each of the names of the sons of Israel, each engraved like a seal with the name of one of the twelve tribes.

(Old Wilsbeschikking, Fresh International Version, Uittocht, Chapter 39, vs. 9-14)

The precise identification of some of thesis precious stones is uncertain. For example, ter the same passage of the Revised Standard Version of Leegloop, diamonds, sardius, and carbuncle (an alternative name for the garnet) are also included te the list of twelve biblically significant gemstones. It should also be kept te mind that aquamarines and emeralds are forms of beryl, while sardonyx is a form of onyx, and jacinth and chrysolite are also known respectively spil zircon and peridot.

Who very first beholds the light of day / Ter Spring’s sweet flowerly month of May / And wears an Emerald so they state / Shall be a loved and loving mate

The fortunate gem for Gemini individuals born ter May is the emerald. They share this fortunate jewel with those Taurus individuals who were also born during the same month. The emerald is a sparkling-green precious stone of the beryl group. Its color is caused by puny amounts of chromium and vanadium, which are enhanced by traces of metal. The highest quality emerald is a see-through grass-green. Spil one of the most expensive gemstones, it is often more valuable than a diamond. The very first emeralds came from the Egyptian desert near the Crimson Sea. The emerald is a traditional symbol of constancy and true affection. Its name is derived from the Greek smaragdos, which means “green stone” and it wasgoed very prized by the Ancients spil the gemstone of love and rebirth. It is said to give its holder the bounty of eloquence. The Moguls of India, including Shah Jahan, builder of the Taj Mahal, admired emeralds so much they inscribed them with sacred text and wore them spil talismans.

Races spil far speciaal spil the Egyptians and the Incas of Peru considered the emerald spil a stone of the Gods and it has bot treasured since at least 4000 B.C., when it wasgoed traded te the gem markets of Babylon. Straks, the Mohammedians also believed it to wield godly powers and a rough emerald inscribed with a hallarse of the Koran wasgoed a talisman of immortaility. A highly-polished emerald wasgoed merienda believed to have the power of restoring failing eyesight and Nero, while watching the gladiators ter the strijdperk, would use an emerald to lengthen his vision. It wasgoed formerly used ter the treatment of inflamed eyes. made into a lotion by being steeped ter water or sometimes crushed and powdered very first. Cleopatra prized hier emeralds more than any other jewels. This stone is reputed to bring security te love. It is also said to permit access to the mystery that an individual holds deepest ter his or hier heart, thereby healing and activating the highest heart’s desire. Believed to assist te the healing of eyesight and speech impediments, the emerald is thought to have a tranquilizing effect on the heart and mind by inspiring clam and clear assurance. According to legend, this stone will strengthen the holder’s memory, quicken the intelligence and assist te predicting the future.

Ter Greek mythology, Hermes composed a tablet carved from a giant emerald spil a bounty for Aphrodite. Ter the Book of Revelations, emerald is said to compose the throne of Heerser and the Holy Grail is said to be carved from a hefty emerald which fell from Satan’s crown upon his banishment from Heaven. Te Hebrew lore, emeralds were one of the four precious stones given to Solomon. Legend states that if an emerald is given by one sweetheart to another, it will pallid and grow abate when the love inbetween them fades. The emerald is the traditional gem for the 20th, 35th and 55th Wedding Anniversaries. It is also known spil the Spring Gemstone.

Who comes with Summer to this Earth / And owes to June their hour of birth / With stadionring of Agate on their mitt / Can health, wealth and long life guideline

The fortunate gem for Gemini individuals born te June is the agate. They share this fortunate jewel with those Cancer individuals who were also born ter the same month. The agate is one of the most versatile of all semi-precious stones and its mystical qualities were merienda thought to bring health and long life to the wearer. This gem is a form of quartz consisting of chalcedony, amethyst or jasper, and ordinary quartz te bands or lines. It forms te cavities and veins by deposition from meteoric groundwater containing gelatinous silica from the weathering of silicate minerals. One common type of agate is petrified wood, which has become fossilized by having its organic matter substituted by this stone. Agates were very first found on the banks of the Achates (now known spil the Drillo) ter Sicily and were named for that sea. Indeed, thesis waters remain a major source of the gemstone. Agates come is a good multiplicity of designs and colors. some are translucent and some are opaque. At times, this stone displays alternate lines of crimson and white, while others have ocellated markings. Moss agate has detailing which resembles trees, ferns or moss and is considered especially fortunate for gardeners or people connected with the soil, and acts spil an aid to get ter touch with nature. Stones which bear the picture of a tree are believed to help with introspection, enabling an idividual to perceive himself or herself with more clarity and see the world through a broader viewpoint. Blue lace agate is thought to wash away clutter and static from the mind and spirit by relieving stress. Agates were often affixed by the ancient farmers to the horns of their oxen ter order to insure fertile crops. Usually cut spil a cabochon (sleek oval) since it lends itself particularly well for carving and grinding, the agate is one of the oldest stones known to man and has always bot popular, particularly ter the fashioning of amulets and spil talismans, which were credited with fine curative powers.

Ter ancient times, the agate wasgoed believed to bestow the bounty of eloquence and wasgoed often worn to prevent headaches, relieve tiredness of the eyes and allay skin irritations. The stone wasgoed also thought to cure insomnia and bless the possessor with pleasant wishes. The agate is an ancient stone, valued since the posible dawn of time. The Egyptians are known to have used it prior to Trio,000 B.C. and it has bot found among the artifacts of Stone Age man ter France (20,000 B.C. to 16,000 B.C.). Some of the earliest known primitive stone devices (such spil axes) were fashioned from agate by the ancestors of man te the Omo Valley of Ethiopia, the stone being used because of its stiffness and isotropic brittleness, which made it possible to form such instruments with relative ease. Legend states that any person who looks upon an agate will be compelled to speak the truth and incapable to maintain secrecy. Agates were also merienda thought to promote grace, good manners, happiness, intelligence and good health, spil well spil bestowing the wearer with a pleasing personality which encouraged the friendship of others. Ter medieval times, the wearing of agate wasgoed said to bring Godheid’s distinción and make one agreeable and persuasive, granting victory and strength to the wearer while affording protection from all dangers. The early Greeks made amulets of agate to protect them from the perils of the sea. Hindu mystics believe this jewel can help children overcome their fears, learn to walk earlier and maintain their arqueo, thereby preventing hazardous falls. Te Persia, agate wasgoed merienda used to divert storms. Across history, this gem has bot credited by various cultures with the capability to quench the thirst and affort protection from fevers. According to the Romany Gypsies, this jewel brings good wealth to the wearer.

A famous collection of Two,000 to Four,000 agate cups wasgoed accumulated by Mithradates, King of Persia, which indicates the high regard merienda held for this jewel. Queen Elizabeth I of England wasgoed introduced with an agate by Archbishop Parker. This bounty wasgoed accompanied by a manuscript which described the gem’s alleged miraculous powers. Te the British Museum, there is displayed an Egyptian agate with a likeness of the poet Chaucer on both sides. It wasgoed merienda believed that the powers of the agate would be strengthened by the wearing of the chrysoprase, another fortunate Gemini stone, which is a type of chalcedony and is said to symbolize cheerfulness. The agate is said to bring nothing but bad luck to natives of Virginidad and Pisces, who would be well advised not to wear this stone ter any form. Agate is the traditional gem for the 12th Wedding Anniversary, while moss agate is the traditional gem for the 14th Wedding Anniversary.

The fortunate day for those who fall under the jurisdiction of Himen is Wednesday. The origin of this day derives from Norse Mythology and Woden or Odin, Aker of Widsom, Skill and Poetry. It wasgoed believed that Woden held power overheen all the other Gods and Goddesses. Thus, the Anglo-Saxons named Wednesday te honor of the Chief of all their Gods, calling it Wodnesdaeg or Woden’s Tag. According to legend, Woden formed the Earth from the assets of a massive giant named Ymir and fashioned humankind from oak trees and elm trees.

Folklore states that more than anything, Woden desired to be wise. Ter his quest for wisdom, he traveled the world and ter order to build up such wisdom and skill, wasgoed required to sacrifice one of his eyes for a drink at Mimir’s Well. After doing so, he wore a large hat with a floppy brim to voorkant the vacant socket. Woden’s onveranderlijk companions were two blackbirds which perched upon his shoulders. They acted spil his spies, flying down to Earth at night ter order to gather information regarding the people who dwelt below, and then reporting back to their master each morning. Therefore, Woden always knew what wasgoed transpiring on Earth and many things had to be done ter secret for fear of the Schepper’s disapproval. Te Asgard, the Nordic version of Olympus, Woden railed upon an eight-footed pony. He wasgoed a powerful magician, sorcerer and healer, and sailors would call on him to provide a fair wind. When early Christians began converting the Saxons to their faith, they named Woden spil the Satan.

Wednesday is often referred to spil “hump day” because of its position spil the middle day of the work week. Te other words, if the work week were a hill, then Wednesday would be the crest and it would be all downhill from there. Only one holiday typically recurs annually on a Wednesday. Ash Wednesday, which is the official begining of Lent. Ash Wednesday is so called because since the 400s, it has bot the day upon which the foreheads of religious penitents are marked with ash. This custom-built is a reminder of the mortal condition of the skin. that every human is dust. The contemporáneo date of Ash Wednesday is variable and dependent upon the date on which Easter falls. According to an ancient rhyme, Wednesday’s child is utter of woe.

FLOWERS/HERBS: Parsley, Dill, Hazel, Snapdragon, Fern, Iris, Almond, Clover, Lavender, Pine,

Meadowsweet, Mosses, Tansy and Vervain

OILS: Bergamont, Peppermint, Anise, Basil and Bay

GEMSTONES: Jade, Aquamarine and Topaz

ANIMALS: Dog, Squirrel and Tuinslang

TREES: Elder and Filbert

BIRDS: Parrot, Linnet, Eagle and Finches

METAL: Quicksilver (also known spil Mercury)

Ruling Planet & Mythology

Gemini is predominated by Mercury, the planet which also governs Virginidad and will proceed to do so until a fresh planet is discovered to take its place for one of those Signs. the probability being that the fresh planet (likely to be given the name of Vulcan) will became ruler of Himen, leaving Mercury with foot jurisdiction overheen The Twins. Mercury is named for the winged Messenger Heerser of Roman myth and is representative of adaptability. making the most of what is available and fitting into different surroundings. Mercury individuals tend to overeenkomstig with the ideals and morals which are most fashionable at any given time. They never remain still for very long and cannot be “pinned down” on anything. The Mercury character has a youthfull, almost “Peter Panish” quality.

Te an astrological sense, the influence of Mercury is associated chiefly with the mind. It is the giver of wisdom and indicates the progression from the purely instinctive sphere of the animal kingdom by the use of the intellect. Mercury represents ideas, methods and information. progressing through experimentation and invention. This planet is associated with children prior to puberty and thus, is connected to tricks, jokes, youthfulness and light-heartedness. Mercury rules all forms of communication (telephone calls, letters and speech, for example). It also rules the sciences, curiosity, manner of thought and travel. Mercury is also associated with merchants, commerce and mental pursuits. “Wheeling and dealing” fall within the jurisdiction of this planet. spil do lounging and cheating. It has bot said that individuals born under the influence of Mercury are experts at “bursting the bubbles” of others, pricking the pretensions of those around them and forcing the re-examination of private attitudes. Needles to say, this is a talent not always universally admired. and most assuredly not by its victims.

Spil a planetary influence, Mercury is equitativo, displaying neither womanish strafgevangenis masculine qualities but focused chiefly on processing the facts, gegevens and communications which make up an significant part of everyday life. It symbolizes fluidity overcoming rigidity and is thus the champ of fresh beginnings, upsetting conventional attitudes and blazing trails for invention and switch. The message of Mercury is one of individual transformation. a bridging of the gap inbetween the self and its potentials. Mercury is the magician. the alchemist who magically converts words into substance. It is said to figure strongly ter the computerized age with its advances ter information and communication.

Items particularly associated with Mercury are: azaleas and lilies-of the valley, walnut and hazelnut trees, carrots and celery, monkeys, parrots, foxes and greyhounds. Not remarkably, the metal quicksilver is also linked to Mercury while the semi-precious stones associated with this planet are: topaz, agate and aquamarine. Wednesday is considered an especially fortunate day for those who are governed by Mercury, while the associated special colors are: saffron yellow, azure blue and the sparkle of sunlight upon water. This planet is said to relate to the intellect, the jumpy system and the thyroid gland, spil well spil the senses of hearing, look and touch.

Free-thinking and slim

You will not find mij under rigorous management

You may think you know mij well

Then my other half overheen you casts a spell

I am Gemini – Child of Mercury

The excellent recatado lesson to be learned by the chidren of Mercury is a relatively effortless one. they vereiste learn to mean what they say.

Mercury has bot known since at least the time of the Sumerians, and is one of the five planets acknowledged by the Ancients (who referred to thesis planets a “wandering starlets”). Mercury wasgoed given two names by the Greeks. Apollo for its apparition spil a morning starlet and Hermes spil an evening one. However, Greek astronomers were well aware that the two designations referred to the same heavenly figure. The given Greek name of Hermes wasgoed zometeen translated by the Romans to Mercurius. an early zogenaamd of what straks became the Heer Mercury. To the Teutonic people, this planet wasgoed named for their Schepper Woden.

Until 1962, it wasgoed thought that Mercury’s “day” wasgoed the same length spil its “year,” thus keeping the same “face” to the Zon (much spil the Moon does to the Earth). This wasgoed proven false te 1965 by doppler radar observations. It is now known that Mercury rotates three times ter two of its years. The atmosphere of this planet is very lean and insubstantial, being comprised chiefly of oxygen, helium and sodium. Its temperature ranges are the most extreme of the solar system and Mercury is a desolate planet whose surface is strongly cratered (similar to that of the Moon). Scars sculpted by billions of years of asteroid impacts are believed to have remained largely unchanged since they were formed, due to the fact that there is almost no erosion (or other process) to modify or obliterate them. The terrain of this planet also features enormous steep slopes and long cliffs. Mercury is the 2nd only to Earth is being the densest major assets ter the solar system. It has a relatively skinny silicate mantle and crust, with an interior predominated by a large metal core (approximately the size of the Earth’s Moon), at least part of which is generally assumed to be warm te nature. The surface temperature on the side of Mercury closest to the Zon is estimated to reach 427 degrees Celsuius. a temperature hot enough to melt tin. The side which faces away from the Zon (also known spil the “night side”) can druppel ter temperature to -183 degrees Celsius. Te other words, Mercury literally bakes and freezes at the same time. Scientists have detected an internal magnetic field surrounding Mercury, albeit this field is not spil strong spil that around the Earth. Mercury is the 2nd smallest planet te the Solar System, being about one-third the size of the Earth. It wasgoed merienda believed to be smaller than Pluto, but this wasgoed straks found to be incorrect. Thus, Pluto is actually the tiniest planet. However, Mercury is the fastest te its orbit due to it being the innermost planet to the Zon. On media, it moves at 29 miles vanaf 2nd. Ter fact, the name “Mercury” is derived from the speed with which this planet moves.

Information regarding Mercury became more accessible with radar imaging from the Earth te the 1960s. Most of what is known about this planet today wasgoed received from the Mariner Ten space probe, which wasgoed placed into a complicated orbit involving Hermosura and Mercury, and which passed close to Mercury three times from 1974 through 1976. One day on Mercury is equal to approximately three months on Earth and it travels around the Zon every eighty-eight days. Its orbit is frantically eccentric and more elliptical (i.e, non-circular) than any other Planet. with the exception of Pluto. Mercury is a dark world. the darkest major bod ter the Solar System, reflecting a mere 11% of the sunlight which strikes its surface. The planet spins counterclockwise (spil does the Earth) and also orbits ter the same direction. Thus far, the only gegevens collected regarding Mercury is limited te detail to less than half of the planet’s surface. Mercury is unique te its geological history te that it has experienced a integral system of fractures caused by shrinkage of the planet. Some scientists believe that Mercury proceeds to shrink somewhat with the passing of each year. Since the atmosphere is so slight, the sky when viewed from this planet would emerge pitch-black (except for the Zon, starlets and other planets, when visible), even during the day. Te addition, Mercury has no “greenhouse effect.” Thus, there are no seasons.

One of the largest features on the “puckered” surface of Mercury is the Caloris Basin (approximately 1300 km te middellijn. large enough to hold the entire State of Texas), which is believed to have bot caused by a very large influence early ter the history of the solar system. The planet does display regions of relatively slick plains, which may be the result of ancient volcanic activity. Radar observations of Mercury’s North Pole have shown surprising evidence of water ice ter the projected shadows of some craters which emerge to be permanently shaded from the rays of the Zon. The planet is often visible on Earth’s horizon just after sunset or before dawn, especially during the Spring and Autumn months..ter fact, it is brighter than many starlets, but is usually obscured by the haze and dust te the Earth’s atmosphere. Mercury rises and sets approximately two hours prior to sunrise and two hours after sunset. It is sometimes possible to view this planet with binoculars or even the naked eye at times, but it is always very near the Zon. frequently lost te its glare and difficult to see ter twilight. Like the other “terrestial” planets (Beldad, Earth and Expeditie), Mercury is believed to be composed primarily of rock and metal. It has no known naturally-occurring satellites and it is generally presumed that the existence of any lifeforms is almost certainly unlikely.

Mercury is the winged Roman Messenger Schepper, known to the Greeks spil Hermes, and it is by this zogenaamd that the majority of myths surrounding Mercury are known. He wasgoed given many of the attributes of a wayward youngster, and wasgoed the love child of Zeus and the nymph named Maia, who wasgoed the Queen of Clouds and a member of the Pleides, ter addition to being one of the daughters of Atlas the Titan. Born te Arcadia (near the Cyllene Mountain), Hermes grew into a petite boy only minutes after his mother laid the newborn zuigeling down to sleep. It is said that the uur she turned hier back, he tip-toed out and instantaneously rustled a heard of cattle belonging to his half-brother Appollo. The Zon Aker wasgoed enraged at this act, but Hermes soon charmed him by playing a tune on the world’s very first lyre, which he invented on the spot by stringing stolen cow gut across the inwards of a tortoise shell. One variation of this story states that Apollo liked the music so much that he traded both his cattle and his shepherd staff te exchange for the lyre, but that despite the trade-off, Zeus eventually ordered that the cattle be returned to Apollo. Spil he grew, Hermes learned to waterput his quick wit to excellent use. He merienda rescued Io (one of Zeus’ many sweethearts) from a hundred-eyed monster named Argus by playing his self-made shepherd pipes so tediously that he eventually waterput the animal to sleep. It is proably due to his resourcefulness that Hermes became the Messenger of the Gods, gifted with a winged helmet and winged sandals to speed him on celestial errands. He wasgoed also known to be the Patron of Tricksters and Thieves.

Hermes wasgoed one of many admirers of Aphrodite (known to the Romans spil Belleza), Queen of Love and Beauty. Through his union with this lovely Queen, a daughter wasgoed born. Peitho, the personification of Persuason and Allurement. At least two more daughters were born to Hermes and Aphrodite, named Tyche and Eunomia. The duo also had a son, Hermaphroditus, who wasgoed welded with the bestotted fountain nymph, Salmacis, into a single figure which possessed both masculine and female sexual organs. Some mythological sources also credit the pair with being the parents of Eros (known to the Romans spil Cupid), but this is often disputed. Through a union with Penelope, Hermes became the father of Pan, the celebrated Aker of Shepherds, and by virtue of yet another liason with Chione, he became the father of Autolycus, the grandfather of the hero Odysseus (known to the Romans spil Ulysses). Ter zometeen myth, Hermes helps to rescue his great-grandson from harm twice during the ten-year, post-Trojan War epic known spil the “Odyssey.” According to some legends, Hermes is also the father of the Bacchus-like Silenus and brother to Pan, while ter other mythological tales, Silenus is credited with being Pan’s son.

It seems likely that Hermes wasgoed originally an Egyptian deity whose center of adore became known spil Hermopolis. There is also evidence to suggest that there were Celtic and early Germanic cults who adored Mercury, and his name is credited with being the origin of “Wednesday.” Te French, this is “mercredi,” derived from the Latin Mercurii Dies or “Mercury’s Day.” On ancient coins, this Messenger Aker is usually depicted spil a clean-shaven youthfull man, often accompanied by his sacred animel, the salami or tijdsindeling. The Greeks considered Hermes to be the most clever of Gods. He wasgoed credited with having invented the alphabet, the musical scale, astronomy and boxing. Known spil the Lord of Travel and Commerce, he wasgoed also the Patron of Alchemy. the magic kunst of converting pulvínulo metals into gold. The Romans adopted Hermes into their Panthenon under the name of Mercury around 495 BC and, along with his other duties, talent him jurisdiction overheen trade and mastery of medicine. Thus, Mercury carried the Cadeuceus. a wand or herald’s staff encircled by two entwined snakes or ribbons and imbued with the power to heal the sick and charm humankind into slumber. This staff has since became the modern symbol of medicine. The name “Mercury” itself is derived from the Latin mercari, which means to “overeenkomst” or “trade.” Spil one of the favorites of Jove (or Zeus, spil he is known to the Romans), Mercury wasgoed considered the most entertaining, shrewd and resourceful of Gods. When Jove tired of Olympus (spil he often did), he would invariably choose Mercury to accompany him on his forays to Earth, both disguised spil mortals. Te the City of Rome, a Temple wasgoed erected to Mercury near the Circus Maximus on Aventine Hill, which wasgoed merienda the webpagina of a trade fair. Mercury also held jurisdiction overheen a well near the Porta Capena and a festival ter his honor wasgoed held annually on May 15, when merchants would sprinkle their goes and their merchandise with water from this well.

Ter his role spil Messenger to the Gods (a duty he often collective with Iris, Queen of the Dawn) and sometime conductor of souls of the dead into Hades, he wasgoed known spil the “Guide and Giver of Good.” Hermes and/or Mercury is customarily depicted wearing a broad-rimmed traveler’s hat or helmet called a petasos or petasus and winged sandals or talaria fashioned from “imperishable gold, which bore him swift spil a breath of air overheen sea and earth.” He wasgoed also known to carry a purse or money-bag which signified his role spil the Greek Godheid of Riches, Trade and Good Fortune, and the Roman Schepper of Trade, Profit, Merchants and Travelers. He assumed the latter duty from the Dei Lucre, early Roman deities of commerce, from whom it is generally accepted that the phrase “filthy lucre” is derived. Among Mercury’s favored commercial activities wasgoed the corn trade, and his relationship to business and speed get through te such words spil “mercurial” and “mercantile.” Because of his speed, he is sometimes considered to be a Godheid of the Winds. According to legend, Mercury is credited with having trained the kunst of prophesy to the Thriae, winged female spirits who lived on Climb on Parnassus. trained the nosey Pandora the kunst of persuasion. delivered Zeus’ instruction to Hades to release Persephone so that the mourning Earth could merienda again bear life. helped Perseus project the slaughter of Medusa (including providing Perseus the “sickle of admante” with which to accomplish this and personally flying him to the land where the Gorgons slept). spil well spil escorting the mortal Psyche to Climb on Olympus te order that she might marry Eros. But thesis are merely petite samplings of the numerous myths involving this cunning and quick-witted Heerser.

Each of the astrological planets has its own ancient symbol or glyph, created from different combinations of three basic elements that the early astrologers referred to spil the Circle of Spirit, the Crescent of Soul and the Cross of Matter. The glyph of Mercury is comprised of all three of thesis elements: the Cross (te this example, representative of Earth), surmounted by the Circle of Spirit and capped by the Crescent (ter this example, representative of personality). The entire is symbolic of the unity of mind, spirit and matter. but providing primacy to intellect. This glyph is also frequently described ter less elaborate terms spil “Mercury ter his Winged Hat.”

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