Members of a gym that abruptly folded will – get their money back, Weerklank

Members of a gym that suddenly folded will - get their money back, Echo

Gemini Gym, Southend high street.

Gemini Gym, Southend high street.

Gemini Gym, Southend high street.

The proprietor of a woman-only gym that closed abruptly after bailiffs seized goods has allayed concerns that residents who have paid for an annual membership will get a refund.

Last week, workers and gym goers at the Gemini Fitness ter Southend High Street were left baffled after finding a notice on the property&rsquo,s pui voort telling them it had closed.

Carol Carr, director of the gym, which is based above the former postbode office, told the Geluidsweerkaatsing hier business is not shutting down and reassured members they will be reimbursed for any contract overpayments.

It comes after a number of residents contacted the Weerklank telling they were anxious after paying out for yearly subscriptions, just months before the closure.

One resident, who wishes to remain anonymous said: &ldquo,My mum paid &pound,290 by credit card on February 13 this year for membership to the Gemini gym ter Southend and when she turned up last Tuesday to find it closed and a notice on the vanwege The gym have not contacted hier.

&ldquo,I’m anxious that my mum has lost hier money.&rdquo,

But Ms Carr, whose business is still showcasing spil active on Government database Company House, wasgoed quick to allay fears.

She said: &ldquo,Wij are not shutting down.

&ldquo,Wij can&rsquo,t get ter there to get our computers out, but wij are hoping matters will be resolved soon &ndash, members who have paid for over-subscriptions will be reimbursed.

&ldquo,I would like to say that my business is still going and if anyone is worried then they can give mij a call.&rdquo,

When members arrived for their morning workouts they found notices stuck to the wegens, warning the occupier to collect their goods.

The Postbode Office is set to stir into a space on the very first floor of WH Smith, leaving most of the building empty.

The notice which wasgoed left on the doorheen said: &ldquo,Take note that under the terms of the lease dated 20/01/2018 inbetween Think Business Sales Ltd (tenant) of the above premises and under the instructions of the landlord Postbode Office Limited wij have this day re-entered the premises and spil a consequence of this re-entry your right to occupy the premises has bot brought to an end and the premises have bot secured.&rdquo,

Leigh-based Think Business Sales wasgoed dissolved te May 2018, and Ms Carr said the lease should have bot transferred to hier company.

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