3 thoughts on “Media Executive Salaries: Leslie Moonves, Bob Iger, Murdoch and More – Diversity”

  1. ETF is a joke, doesn’t make sense to still talk about it. Anyway if it will everzwijn kasstuk, wij will be at sub 100 by then. Too much hype for everything, no substance ter the end.

  2. I hope they get their shit together soon. It’s taking too long and people is embarking to talk about this spil vaporware, just like Openbazaar. It’s the problem of announcing something when it’s still to underdeveloped, you hype people way too soon.

  3. I don’t truly know. It’s truly hard to tell from the lack if practically any news. I think it is priced ter I a degree, or at least may give us another Coinbase Peca crash event. Bitcoin is too erratic at thesis prices!!!

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