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  • “The piano dollies are effortless to install and support evenly the weight of the muziekinstrument making it effortless to budge around. The size of the wheels make it effortless to roll and do not leave an impression te floor tiles like some piano wheels would do. I am very glad with the product and the timeliness of the customer service received.” Glen Bohannon Manchester, Fresh Hampshire
  • “This is a very strong duty sturdy forearm truck the way I built it. It is rated for 500 lbs and will do that w/o a problem. It is slightly stronger than a traditional cart, but it can stir Three x’s the weight. I got the Ten inch balloon tires because on previous carts wij have had air packed that are a problem, always adding air if not checked frequently and don’t hold spil much weight w/o failing. I would buy another one of thesis when I need one.” Joe N. Krout, Oregon
  • “I have found that your company sells an excellent product and stands behind everything it sells. When I needed a replacement tire for my forearm truck, you sent mij one, no questions asked. I have found doing business with you a pleasurable practice and would and will recommend all of my friends and family to purchase products from your company. Thank you for your courteous and reliable service.” Phil S Hull, Massachusetts

“When I needed Two motorized stair climber palm trucks for my freight company, I looked around the web and found that Handtrucks2go suggested the best selection and prices. When I spoke to them on the phone they were very knowledgeable, able to response all my questions and helped mij find the right equipment that gezond my specific needs and budget. I very recommend them and they will certainly be my very first zekering next time I need any kleuter of moving equipment.”

Jim Hill – Little Rock, Arkansas

  • “Hi Handtrucks2go, Your service wasgoed an excellent rating and personnel were nothing but professional
  • Ter all manners. The delivery wasgoed accurate and product is ter use instantaneously! (Escalera forearm Truck)

    Thank you and Keep up the good work!” Ed Button – Button Oil Company Mountaintop, Pennsylvania

  • “The Wesco Mighty Duty Electrified Pallet Jacks were exactly what I needed, thanks for your help.” Paul O. Seattle, Washington
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    The Multi-Mover all terrain palm truck is amazing it greatly decreases the work flow on the person moving the equipment.

    Jake R. Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • “Wij are always on the lookout to save money for our delivery business, especially ter thesis harsh economic times. One expense that wij keep on coming across is the replacements of our fleet of Magliner mitt trucks, and spil hard spil I looked I couldn’t find any discount retailers. I wasgoed truly glad when I eventually found Handtrucks2go, they were way cheaper than anyone else, and their build your own mitt truck option wasgoed especially useful.” George P. Fresh York City, NY
  • “I love the Wesco Mini Mover Cart. I use it for my 45 lb. music amp spil well spil for groceries, etc. It folds up lightly and fits te a corner of my car trunk. It is well built and sturdy.” Ed Hooven Galveston, Texas
  • “I have had this cart for two weeks and have used it carting 400lbs of tile amoung othe items. It is well made and very effortless to use, locks te place with no fear of releasing from its position. No plastic parts here. Unnecessary to say I am very blessed with this Wesco converible palm truck.” Bill Perine Colorado Spring, CO
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