3 thoughts on “Gemini Review 2018, What You Need to Know”

  1. I think the Winklevoss’ ETF will be available ~February of 2018, or at least I hope. I don’t think the price will go [up] te theory the price should go up after the next block prize halving.

  2. China still has mij pretty spooked. My hunch is there will be more bad news out of China before the month is out. On the positive side, it’ll very likely be the only source of downward price pressure for awhile. Elsewhere, wij see enlargened adoption and generally a positive regulatory climate.

  3. After 25 years of service, merienda I retire, my company also provides 40% of my highest year salary for 25 years or until death, whichever comes very first. I am willing to waterput my entire 401K into the ETF knowing I will still be getting a gepast check every month merienda retired.

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