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30-year Mortgage Rate Overheen 4%, Expected at Four.7% by 4Q 2018: Freddie Mac

The Federal Reserve’s very first interest-rate hike ter nine years is already fueling higher home-loan costs spil the housing market fights with taut supplies and prices too high for many first-time buyers.

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Huis Prices ‘Rising Too Sharply’ ter Some Markets spil Pending Sales Decline

It’s becoming increasingly clear that the recovering housing market is facing some headwinds, including huis prices outpacing income growth ter some areas and taut supplies.

Online Sales Propel Overall Holiday Spending by 7% Black Friday Thru Dec. 24

While sales at brick-and-mortar stores still accounts for most of holiday spending, the shift toward online shopping is gaining ground. Online purchases surged 20 procent.

Here’s How Much More Women Pay Than Guys for Similar Products

The DCA review is the first-ever explore of the gender pricing of goods ter Fresh York City across a range of industries.

Money Transfers: Fraud, Delays & Poor Service Top Consumer Complaints

Every year, consumers send ems of billions of dollars through money transfer services, and complaints are on the rise, including cases of fraud and issues with delays and customer service.

‘Cause for Concern’: Here’s Why Sales of Existing Homes have Dropped Sharply

Sales of existing homes, or resales, dropped sharply te November to the slowest rhythm te Nineteen months, with some of the blame going to longer home-closing timeframes.

Fresh ‘Know Before You Owe’ Mortgage Rules Slowing Down Closings

The promedio time to close a mortgage loan enhanced by Trio days to 49 total days te November, the longest time to close since February of 2013.

Funding Bill’s Tax Violates Help Parents, Students and Low-Income Households

Here’s a summary of renewed or expanded tax cracks for consumer households, some of which have bot made voortdurend.

Regulator: CarHop to Pay $6.4M Penalty for Bruising Consumers Credit

The CFPB said its investigation found that the companies inaccurately reported information for more than 84,000 accounts on a “widespread and systemic poot.”

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Influence of Fed’s Rente Rate Hike on Loans: What Borrowers Need to Know

Ter one way or another, sooner or straks, the Fed’s rate hike, albeit only a quarter of a procent for now, will affect most U.S. consumers who borrow money.

Bankgebouw Repossessions are Up 60% From Year Ago spil Foreclosure Filings Decline

Bankgebouw repossessions – often the last phase of a foreclosure when the lender takes back ownership of a huis – were up 60 procent last month, compared to a year ago.

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