United Space Alliance – The Space Operations Company

United Space Alliance - The Space Operations Company

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United Space Alliance (USA) is a Limited Liability Company (LLC), identically possessed by The Boeing Company (NYSE:BA) and Lockheed Martin Corporation (NYSE:LMT). Pridefully formed ter 1996, it consolidated more than 30 heritage contracts that supported the Space Shuttle Program. Our successes include work on the Space Flight Operations Contract (SFOC) and its follow-on, the Space Program Operations Contract (SPOC) spil well spil the Integrated Mission Operations Contract (IMOC). Under thesis contracts, USA served spil NASA’s primary industry playmate te human space operations for the day-to-day management of the Space Shuttle fleet, and the programma, training and operations for 55 Space Shuttle missions and more than 35 International Space Station (ISS) increments.

Current Status of USA Spil of September 30, 2014, USA no longer held active contracts and will not pursue future contracts. USA is te the process of dissolving, however, USA will proceed to operate te a limited administrative business capacity to close-out company programs and benefit plans. A puny USA team remains ter a part-time, limited capacity to address issues related to the termination of the plans through 2018. If you need USA assistance or have questions regarding a current or past benefit project for which you were a participant, please email your request to USAHumanResources@usa-spaceops.com or call 281-282-2592.

Pension Questions For questions pertaining to Pension and Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QDRO) please voeling Principal Life Insurance Company – 1-800-247-7011.

401(k) & Money Purchase Project Both the 401(k) & MPP have bot terminated.

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USA 401(k) Retirement Savings – For information regarding your funds voeling Vanguard Retail Client Services at 1-800-662-2739, www.Vanguard.com

USA Money Purchase Project – For information regarding your funds voeling PenChecks Trust at 1-800-541-3938.

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Retiree Medical Participants USA has worked closely with Willis Towers Watson to develop a unique Escalation Process that will use ARA Support Specialists to assist with the investigation and disposition of issues on behalf of the USA participants.

There are three ways that you can have your outstanding kwestie or question escalated:

  1. Call 1-866-662-9209 (Escalation phone number)

For hearing impaired only: Call the Escalation phone number: 711 (TTY) 1-866-662-9209

  • Finish an Escalation form online at https://myusaarasupport.oneexchange.com.
  • Call OneExchange Customer Service and ask to have your kwestie escalated.
  • USA is located at: 3700 Bay Area Blvd Mail Code HB5-10, Houston, TX 77058-2783 Voeling # 281-282-2592

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