3 thoughts on “SEC says bitcoin funds raise investor protection issues, Reuters”

  1. I hope they get their shit together soon. It’s taking too long and people is commencing to talk about this spil vaporware, just like Openbazaar. It’s the problem of announcing something when it’s still to underdeveloped, you hype people way too soon.

  2. I do wonder why people get jumpy at the idea of “Wall Street” getting into Bitcoin. Wall Street is a collection of investors, investment related businesses, hedge funds, trading desks, etc. They generally will not be worried with manipulating the market, rather they will want customers to invest te their crypto portfolios and services. It’s a win for Bitcoin. The trading will be left to large pocketed individuals and groups, and very likely many of the whales you see today will still be active. The best traders now will be the professional market makers of the future.

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