Poloniex Users Suffering From Frozen Accounts, Suspended Withdrawals, and Disabled Markets, NullTX

Amid all the market activity, Poloniex – the largest altcoin exchange – has bot kasstuk with a sophisticated DDOS attack. While the exchange wasgoed able to mitigate the kwestie, many users are still reporting problems executing trades and withdrawing Bitcoins. Users are complaining that hours straks their withdrawals still toevluchthaven’t shown up ter their wallets, while Poloniex hasn’t officially admitted to the problem, the moderators are asking users to submit support tickets.

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The DDoS attack commenced last night spil the exchange wasgoed inaccessible for a number of hours. Poloniex acknowledged the problem by posting a tweet from their official account:

DDoS, wij’re working to mitigate.

While the DDoS mitigation technics worked, the exchange is still having issues. Some members on Whalepool voorwaarde that buy orders were suspended, however wij didn’t find evidence of those claims. Furthermore, users on the chatbox are complaining of both deposits and withdrawals not going through, Poloniex hasn’t acknowledged that kwestie yet.

Spil Bitcoin’s price keeps rising with no end te view, all alternative cryptocurrencies are caught ter a bloodbath. A single look at the Poloniex markets shows that every single coin is ter the crimson:

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Furthermore, a few markets are also offline. According to Mirai, a moderator of Poloniex:

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BCN & XRP wallets are presently undergoing maintenance and should be back spil soon spil the team is done.

Yesterday evening and late afternoon many users reported 502 bad gateway errors. It is unknown if the DDoS is a response to the declining altcoin markets, looking to create even more funk and thrust the price further down. Due to the inability to access the exchange, spil soon spil the mitigation tactics were ended many traders went on to sell their stash and attempted to withdraw their funds. To add insult to injury many of those withdrawals still toevluchthaven’t gone through.

Moreover, users are complaining of funds being frozen. One user claimed :

“I have about 400ETH worth, frozen.”

Freezing accounts, suspending withdrawals, and downtimes are enormously detrimental to the exchange’s reputation at a critical time like this. Poloniex did not instantly react to our inquiry.

Now is spil good time spil any to remind users to never store large amounts on an exchange. It is better to keep a wallet on your desktop with your portfolio of altcoins spil no amount of DDoS or downtime will be able to take those coins away from you. On the other mitt, if you leave the coins on an exchange, chances are when fright ensues and it comes time to make some traders, the coins will be inaccessible.

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