Gemini needs to add more than Litecoin and Bitcoin contant to its exchange

Gemini needs to add more than Litecoin and Bitcoin cash to its exchange

Both Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss have said have dropped massive hints at adding fresh coins to the Gemini exchange.

Right now it is almost confirmed Bitcoin metselspecie and Litecoin are going to be listed to the Gemini Exchange

Gemini Needs to set itself a part

Gemini is a meteen competitor with coinbase. Coinbase is known spil the place to introduce fiat into the crypto market. Gemini needs to pauze out te some way hopefully by suggesting other coins to trade te both options and rechtstreeks to dollar trading pairs is what Gemini plans on doing to rival spil the best cryptocurrency exchange.

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Gemini is famous for its Crypto to USD pairing. Adding a few more of the larger market cap cryptocurrencies makes sense. I think that Gemini can wedge itself ahead of coinbase ter that regard. It is already lacking a few of the coins that coinbase has.

The Winklevoss twins made a very latest announcement on Thursday at an event hosted by CBOE. The Chicago futures exchange actually uses geminis pricing gegevens for all options contracts. Going forward it will proceed the relationship ter order for CBOE to suggest options trading to its customers. Ter order for this to toebijten Gemini would have to open up more coins on the caudillo exchange under the USD pairing.

The CBOE Exchange COO made this comment that implies future plans of growth.

“You look at the entire crypto space and you look at what other products have the liquidity and the notional size, a derivative makes sense.”

What coins are likely to be added to the Gemini exchange?

I think that Gemini needs to set itself exclusief from coinbase however it has made comments about adding Litecoin and Bitcoin specie. This seems like it is just playing catch up to its big brother, Coinbase. te order for it to pauze out I feel that gemini can leverage its existin partnership with CBOE and open up fresh options for them and create fresh pairings for themselves. The folowing cryptocurrencies are what I think could be added to the gemini Exchange.

Stellar Lumens

I think the very first coin that Gemini should add is Stellar Lumens because it is far better than any other coin for payment solutions that permits ICOs. ICOs have bot coming down on hard, But few blockchains permit for such things to toebijten. Stellar lumens is a sleeping giant with a ton of support backing it. If IBM can help make an exchange that runs on lumens im sure gemini can add it.

the clever economy needs to be more vooraanstaand te the westelijk with very little marketing taking place ter America Gemini would be able to swoop ter on anyone interested ter purchasing Neo. Albeit most enthusiasts have heard of Neo a lotsbestemming of the newer crypto rookies do not know what the wise economy is. Gemini can win overheen a loterijlot of users by opening up a Neo to USD pairing. Spil for gas, I think it would be interesting to open that up at a straks time but ter the meantime have neo wallets generate gas. What do you think?

Nano seems to be everyone favourite cryptocurrency since its rebranding from Raiblocks. The technology is so promising, The low fees are a good way to attract users to Geminis verhoging. This is utilized For marketing purposes. It just makes sense to add the best thing right now. This alone will set Gemini ahead of the curve ter Nano adoption.


I can understand why Genimin would want to open up a USD to ADA pairing. The third generation of cryptocurrency spil Cardano proclaims to be brings forward a fresh era of blockchain technology. Gemini already has the very first generation cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, The 2nd generation, Ethereum, And why not the third, Cardano.

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Gemini needs to find a competitive advantage to Coinbase

No matter what way you look at it Gemini is te a bit of a pinch to find its competitive edge to Coinbase. I think users are looking for more alternatives better verschrikt for buck if you will and what better option than to have more choices to buy with your USD. People might not always want the cherry on top, rainbow sprinkles, or whatever topping but the best ice fluid place always has it. I think Gemini needs to go with this topping treatment ter order to make a large influence ter the market.

I have no allegiance to either Gemini, coinbase or any crpytocurrency exchange. I think that Gemini should add spil many coins spil possible just to have them. People love to spend the coins they purchase on other exchanges such spil Bittrex and Binance so it would make sense to give Gemini users an option to trade similar variations of crpytocurrencies.

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  1. I do not think they would be going forward with Gemini and having so many “dog-pile” into it, if they did not have a very good indication by the insiders and that famous lawyer lady of success.

  2. Why toevluchthaven’t many or any people picked up on the lack of request for similar ish European initiatives likes the Swedish ETN and the General Advisers one?

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