BPI Remittance

BPI Remittance

EDNA GERIGK Authorized smeris and proof by BaFin (Bundesanstalt wool Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht)

The secure and effortless way to send Money to the Philippines.

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This is the fastest, safest and most convenient way to send money back huis. If your beneficiary has an existing account with any BPI or BPI Family Bankgebouw branch ter the Philippines, you can practice the ultmost convenience of sending your remittance directly to their account. Money sent today can be withdraw within 24 hours via Expressnet and Megalink ATMs all overheen the Philippines. And, if your beneficiary doesn’t have a BPI account yet, just ask them to open an account ter the nearest BPI or BPI Family Bankgebouw branch so they can also receive their remittance on time, every time. And what’s more, if you provides your and your beneficiary’s mobile numbers, you will receive a free text message that your remittance has bot sent and received.

If your beneficiary has an account with another commercial handelsbank, BPI will instantaneously forward your remittance within 48 hours to the head office of his handelsbank.

If your beneficiary has no BPI account he/she can voorwaarde the remittance proceeds from your preferred BPI and BPI Family Handelsbank branch the next Banking day. Your beneficiary will simply have to present the Transaction Reference Number.

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Your beneficiaries can voorwaarde your remittance at the nearest M LHUILLIER branches. Proceeds will be made available the next day. Overheen a thousand locations are open 12 hours/7 days a week.

Your beneficiaries can voorkoop your remittance at the nearest M LHUILLIER, CEBUANA LHUILLIER PALAWAN PAWNSHOP branches. Proceeds will be made available the next day. Overheen a thousand locations are open 12 hours/7 days a week.

Jollibee will supply the meal package to the Beneficiary for areas where Jollibee has a delivery service. For areas not covered by the delivery service, the beneficiary has the option to dine ter or take out the meal package at the Jollibee stores of his/hier choice.

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Another option to send money huis is through BPI’s Vanwege to Onderbrak delivery service where proceeds will be delivered right to your beneficiary’s doorstep. You can be assured that the remittance will be forwarded within one day if your beneficiary lives within PatrĂ³n Manila. For those who live te provincial areas, money will be delivered within three to five days.

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