ROSS Gemini Centre – ROSS

ROSS Gemini Centre - ROSS

Welcome to the web pages of the ROSS Gemini Centre at NTNU and SINTEF.

ROSS is an acronym for the Norwegian title “Risiko- og sarbarhetsstudier” and may be translated into “Reliability and Safety Studies”. ROSS wasgoed established spil a Gemini Centre ter 2007.

The ROSS Gemini Centre is a strategic cooperation inbetween NTNU and SINTEF aimed at developing skill, methods and devices that can contribute to preventing accidents causing serious harm to people, environment, material values, and critical infrastructures.

The objective of the centre is to provide a solid ondergrond for NTNU and SINTEF together to identify and realize opportunities to build sturdy and internationally recognized research groups within tthe area of safety and reliability. Together, NTNU and SINTEF represent one of the largest groups of researchers te the world within this area.

Another significant activity for the ROSS Gemini Centre is to coordinate and develop the portifolio of courses and education provided by the ROSS playmates. The courses voorkant safety and reliability aspectsfrom different angles, ranging from engineering and technology, through management and sociology to psychology. This means that all aspects of the Man-Technology-Organization perspectives on safety are covered. Thesis courses are suggested to master students and PhD candidates at NTNU, but ter addition, entire range of courses are also suggested spil continuing education courses.

ROSS also concentrates on the development of snaak project initiatives. This includes projects for the government and authorities, for industry and the research council and EU projects.

Some of the concentrate areas that the ROSS vrouwen are working on are system reliability and RAMS, risk-based safety management, risk perception, organizational safety and the vulnerability of critical infrastructure. The skill wij are developing is used ter significant areas like railway industry, building and road construction, maritime sector, process industry, including oil and gas, and off the coast fish farming.

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