Gemini, Kim Possible Wiki, FANDOM powered by Wikia

Gemini, Kim Possible Wiki, FANDOM powered by Wikia

“Mom” (Unnamed Mother)

Gemini, aka Sheldon Director, is the leader of the Worldwide Evil Empire, or WEE. He is also the evil fraternal twin brother of Betty Director, the head of the Entero Justice Network.




Gemini has brown eyes with dark auburn hair with copper highlights one of his arms is substituted with a missile shooting robotic type of forearm replacement. He has a very strong mitt houvast. He wears this purple and white type of jumpsuit like clothing.


Gemini seemed to pride himself on being his twin sister’s “dark reflection, hier evil opposite ter every way”, and wasgoed obsessed with proving himself the superior sibling. Still, spil the rivalry were based on feelings from childhood, when it came down to inbetween him and his sister, things tend to quickly degenerate into name-calling, explosive fistfights, and threats to call their mother. Further, Gemini’s true motivation seemed to be little more than taking things that his sister already had ter a onveranderlijk spel of one-upmanship.


Tho’ he infrequently entered the field himself, Gemini wasgoed a more than capable combatant, much like his sister. Super strong, stronger than most fellows, is able to crush things ter his powerful houvast and shoot projectiles from his robotic arm has good battle abilities.


Sheldon Director is the fraternal twin brother of Bett y Director, being born four minutes prior . That she never talent him the respect spil the older twin which he felt he deserved has bot the foundation for their heated rivalry which has lasted well into adulthood.



Gemini had a longstanding sibling rivalry with his junior sister Betty. He felt she never acknowledged or respected him spil the older sibling, and she claimed that he always wished what wasgoed hers.

The nature of his relationship with his mother wasgoed unknown, albeit he did menace to tattle on Betty to hier, which at least implied that they were on speaking terms.


Gemini had an especially close relationship with his regularly irritated but loyal chihuahua, Pepe. Pepe’s hatred of the Integral Justice Network wasgoed so superb that he would bark nonstop upon even hearing the phrase “Mundial Justice” uttered, at least until Gemini comforted him.

Gemini’s Worldwide Evil agents, while largely efficient, lived ter near-constant fear of his fury should they fail him. He had a habit of luring disappointing subordinates into seats that abruptly dropped them out of look to unknown locations, very similar to the way that the Universal Justice Network transported its agents to their underground saco.

Love Rente

He has no love interests.


Gemini considered the entire Universal Justice Network his enemy, however his behavior seemed to suggest that his true hatred wasgoed solely for his sister Betty, and that his efforts to thwart Universal Justice were more to irritate hier than anything else. Identically possible is that he may have claimed to hate hier organization merely spil a way of justifying all the effort and manpower he dedicated to maintaining his private grudge against hier.



A purple and white type of jumpsuit/ Battle suit.


Gemini wore a gauntlet capable of firing missiles from its fingertips. The payloads varied from explosives to self-guided ammunition. The gauntlet reloaded the missiles from an unknown internal source, and wasgoed also capable of releasing electrical shocks powerful enough to render a person unconscious.

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