Gemini Exchange to Add Zcash, Bitcoin Contant, Litecoin, and Ethereum Classic – Crypto Laboratorium Professional

Gemini Exchange to Add Zcash, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Ethereum Classic - Crypto Lab Pro

The Gemini exchange has announced that it will soon be adding support for three fresh cryptocurrencies. The Winklevoss twin’s trading podium will start accepting deposits te Zcash on May Nineteen with the same being extended to Litecoin, Bitcoin Metselspecie, and Ethereum Classic at a straks, undisclosed date.

Gemini to be the Very first Fully Licensed Exchange Suggesting Zcash

The inclusion of Zcash to the verhoging has bot approved by the Fresh York Department of Financial Services. This makes it the very first regulated exchange that will permit the trading of the privacy-focused cryptocurrency. According to a report ter Forbes, the very first day that Gemini users will be able to buy and sell Zcash will be May 22.

One half of the founding team behind the Gemini exchange, Cameron Winklevoss, wrote ter a letterteken that the inclusion of fresh cryptos wasgoed the result of close collaboration with the NYDFS. Ter his own words:

“Our approval makes Gemini the very first licensed Zcash exchange ter the world. It also makes the NYDFS the very first regulatory agency te the world to supervise Zcash.”

Also during the letterteken, Winklevoss acknowledged Zcash’s privacy features. He claimed that thesis were some of the reasons behind the coin’s appeal. To achieve such anonymity Zcash uses a combination of unshielded and shielded addresses. Originally, Gemini will permit deposits from both forms of addresses but only unshielded withdrawals will be permitted. This will keep the suggesting compliant with regulations. Cameron did state that they planned to suggest support for shielded withdrawals too:

Wij are working to support withdrawals to shielded addresses te the future.”

Spil well spil adding support for Zcash, it wasgoed announced earlier today that Gemini would also include Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, and Bitcoin Contant. Since all thesis fresh additions are forks of either Bitcoin or Ethereum, it should not be difficult from a technical standpoint to integrate them to the toneel whilst maintaining the level of security the Gemini exchange prides itself on. Winklevoss actually refers to Bitcoin Metselspecie, Zcash, and Litecoin spil being part of the ‘Nakamoto Family Tree’ thanks to their origins stemming from the innovador Bitcoin code colchoneta.

The last time wij reported on either of the Winklevoss twins it wasgoed ter relation to Cameron’s brother Tyler who waterput out a rather amusing tweet aimed at Microsoft founder Bill Gates. The billionaire had just appeared alongside Charlie Munger and Warren Buffetkast ter a downright one-sided vraaggesprek for CNBC’s ‘Squawk Opbergruimte’ segment. During the talk, Gates stated that if there wasgoed a way to brief Bitcoin, he would do that. Tyler quickly took to Twitter to remind Gates that he could indeed bet on the price of Bitcoin declining by using the Cboe’s Bitcoin futures contracts for which the Gemini exchange’s price is used for settlement purposes.

Dear @BillGates there is an effortless way to brief bitcoin. You can brief #XBT, the @CBOE Bitcoin (USD) Futures contract, and waterput your money where your mouth is! cc @CNBC @WarrenBuffett

&mdash, Tyler Winklevoss (@tylerwinklevoss) May 7, 2018

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  1. i am thinking the ETF may come at the end of 2018 or even early 2018. But i dont know for sure. Im also not sure if it will affect the price of BTC. I guess wij will have to wait and see

  2. I do not have any clue about timing (so I am not answering your question), but I just want to add that I am optimistic when the prices of BTC stay relatively low with this ETF looming. I truly hope the ETF is available when the BTC price is depressed – I will be dumping ter some retirement $$ that is limited to only those Funds that are SEC secured and available on the Wall Street Exchanges. The lower the BTC price, the more coins (or ETF omschrijving lumps of paper) I will own.

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