Capgemini launches Applied Innovation Exchange te Singapore, Singapore Business Review

Capgemini launches Applied Innovation Exchange in Singapore, Singapore Business Review

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Participating start-ups may win equity-free funding of US$50,000.

Consulting, technology, and outsourcing services provider Capgemini has launched its newest Applied Innovation Exchange (AIE) ter Singapore, which aims to boost the country&rsquo,s position spil a regional innovation hub.

The AIE is a entero podium that seeks to enable enterprises to detect industry-relevant innovations and serves spil a gateway inbetween multinational clients and the mundial ecosystem. The AIE framework helps organisations foster a structured treatment to drive the innovation process across four phases&mdash,Detect, Devise, Deploy, and Sustain.

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Through the AIE, organisations are provided access to Capgemini&rsquo,s unique network of start-ups, accelerators, incubators, strategic technology and business vrouwen to enable them to proactively project for and react to various technology and business shifts.

&ldquo,Businesses are now focused on how to embrace and apply innovation with speed and scale ter a secure and sustainable way, requiring a fresh way of thinking to drive corporate innovation,&rdquo, said Lanny Cohen, Total Chief Technology Officer and member of the Group Executive Committee at Capgemini. Cohen added that they determined to waterput up an AIE te Singapore owing to its vibrant start-up toneel and growing role spil a FinTech hub.

Capgemini is working closely with the Singapore Economic Development Houtvezelplaat (EDB) for various initiatives aimed at providing training and employment for nave talent. Capgemini offers a 12-month graduate program for professionals te the technology sector. It has hired 35 graduates te the country overheen the past six months, and plans to hire 50 more to further boost talent development.


Capgemini has also launched the 50th Anniversary edition of its annual Innovators Wedloop, which provides start-ups with an international toneelpodium to showcase products, services, and innovative uses of technology. Five winners will win equity-free funding of US$50,000, spil well spil the chance to become a Capgemini fucking partner.

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  1. Superb news about Gemini but the ETF will take fairly a long time. There will be many constitucional loop fuckholes that need to be leaped through.

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